Hopebox - Self Care Subscription Box
Offering hope, encouragement, and support through beautiful, handmade treasures

Plans as low as $29.99 / month

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Hope is happiness

by Lisa T., 2 days ago

Getting a hopebox is like opening up your curtains in the morning and letting the sunshine in to brighten up your home and your soul. This box is filled with everything of happiness. You know your special when you receive it, and everything in it makes you feel good, and then every time you look at your desk, or dresser or wherever you've put the contents, you're filled with hope all over again. The hopebox is such a great thing.

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Great Subscription Box!

by Brandi B., 2 days ago

This subscription box looks awesome! Getting to spoil yourself or someone you love once a month with a quality box of items like this is amazing! The Hopebox probably shows up in your mail at just the right time, when a smile is needed the most! Plus it's always exciting to see what's in the box each month! So fun!

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Over Worked Busy Mom

by Kelly G., 2 days ago

As a small business owner, the buck stops here...this translates into long work hours, tons of responsibility and a huge amount of stress. As a mom to two young daughters, I often put their (never-rending) needs before my own, so shopping for myself takes a back burner. Subscription boxes like HopeBox, allow me to try new products I wouldn't normally, and gives me the opportunity to receive something just for me!!! The feel of getting that box in the mail, along with the surprises it contains, makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning again!!!!!!

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by Crystal F., 2 days ago

Always exciting! Such a great subscription box with quality products and surprises in each box!

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Expectations exceeded

by Carly M., 2 days ago

I’m a single mom to a kiddo with epilepsy so funds are tight; this was my first time ever subscribing as a treat to myself and needless to say, it was amazing. I felt so happy I was able to make this happen - truly lived each heartfelt piece that was included.

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by Alisha P., 2 days ago

I haven't yet, but I'd love to subscribe to Hopebox, hopefully soon (maybe this summer) I can!:) I'd also send one to my Mom and sister to help brighten up their days, as well!!

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Wonderful Idea!!!!

by Bobbi R., 2 days ago

I suffer from PTSD and get pretty low sometimes. What a wonderful treat to help make my month go a little smoother. My therapist says a little self care goes a long way! I plan to order one for my uncle who just received devastating news. One for my mom and mother in law for mothers day and maybe one for my grandmother to spread a little hope around the family. Love the idea. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a lovely gift.

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Great Box

by Mia J., 2 days ago

This box subscription looks amazing. All of the contents are specially selected and will definitely brighten somebodys day. I especially like all of the handmade items.

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A charming surprise box

by Lyda G., 2 days ago

I have enjoyed each of the boxes I received from Hopebox, in large measure because of the group’s gentle positive message. I find myself smiling when I think of the small, sometimes silly, items I have discovered inside their boxes. I paused my subscriptions awhile back because of a large plumbing bill 🙄 and I can honestly say Hopebox is the only one I am restarting. My suggestion to anyone thinking of trying this box is to do it and to open it in a personal sunny place. It’s a sweet indulgence that will leave you feeling good.

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by Maryan J., 3 days ago

When I first saw the pretty box..all wrapped up beautifully just for me!!
All I could think was..how did they know just what I wanted!!
Anyhow just love it!!!

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