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4.9 of 5 stars
All the gratitude
by Sarah written 5 days ago
I sent this to my mother for her birthday, as she is also currently in chemo treatments for cancer. I was expecting it to be nice, but she was so overwhelmed with joy when she got it that I cried. I am so thankful for this gift and the thoughtfulness that was put into it. My deepest, most sincere gratitude.
by Cheri written 7 days ago
Love, love, love this box. It is probably my FAVORITE of all my subscription boxes & I get several! Always beautifully packaged & full of great items. As a gift for someone at a low point, whatever the reason, it would surely say so much more than words could convey. Highly Recommend!
by written 12 days ago
This box is so thoughtful and I love how everything is handmade every thing is so nice I love it so much
First Box and I'm Impressed!
by Lori written 14 days ago
This was my first box. I loved it. First the packaging was just superb. It made you feel really special when you opened it, to the point that I almost didn't want to..lol It was full with inspiration and cute little things that make you just feel good. Things I could use, things that made me smile. I realized the entire box was an experience and not just getting a package. I smiled the whole way through opening and reading about the items. The cute felted animals were pretty cool and even though I'm in my 40's they were adorable and I can see using them with some essential oils for aroma therapy. Perfect box. Treat yourself with some love. This box is full of love, good vibes and just makes you feel extremely happy. Unique, fun, worth every single penny. A subscription I'm keeping!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
by Chelsea written 14 days ago
I just received my first hope box and I am very happy. The box was very thought out and packaged beautifully. Each item inside was unique and I loved the variety. Shipping was expensive and took a little longer than usual but it was worth the wait. Looking forward to my next hopebox!
Such a perfect gift
by Danielle written 18 days ago
My mother loved this box beyond words. Everything was wonderful! Highly recommend if someone is going through a hard time and needs some encouragement and love. Thank you Hopebox!
Overwhelmed and Astonished
by Regina written 19 days ago
Derik and the Hopebox Team recently gifted a 3-month subscription to me on behalf of a friend whose 32-year old daughter passed away suddenly -- leaving a husband and 4 children to face deep loss and grief (Facebook Giveaway). I just received a thank you note wherein she says of Hopebox: "We have felt your love and concern. The unique gifts have been sweet and comforting. We were overwhelmed by the first box, and then as the second and third were delivered, we became astonished! We have even purchased duplicates of some of the books and trinkets to share with others. Thank you for caring for us at such an unbelievable time." THANKS TO DERIK AND THE HOPEBOX TEAM FOR YOUR GENEROSITY! Your example of giving and caring inspires HOPE in us all!
Amazing, Amazing, Amazing
by Andrea written 25 days ago
From the first moment you open the box the loving care with the personalized noted and the ribbons to the fact that its absolutely Packed with goodies you feel loved. Everything was so well thought of, individually wrapped like little gifts for the soul. I adored everything the plush pumpkin, the beautiful soap, the handmade earrings! There were so many items I can't even name them all. The personalized service is five star and the items far outweigh the small cost. Best box i have ever gotten. I am a subscriber for life! Im a nurse and truthfully I think everyone who cares for people on a regular basis needs to subscribe its true food for soul and recharges my battery. Its also the perfect gift to send when one is dealing with grief or life's up's and down the name "hope box" isn't just a name its truly what it is. Its Hope and love and kindness all wrapped up with a bow something that would far outlast any flowers after a trauma. I truly can't say enough this is my 5th box and they just keep getting better and better! The care and love in each package is so touching and the items are just stunning. And when I say packed to the top I mean it, its packed full of goodies. I would not hesitate to subscribe to this box or send as a gift It truly is my happy place each month!
by Rachael written 28 days ago
This box is cute. I actually really like the contents, for the most part. My only issue is that the box (I got the normal box) is simply not worth how much you pay. I'd say it's not even worth half of what you pay, which is a little sad, considering the whole "hope" thing. I waited a second month, thinking that the first might be an off month box (it happens) and I have to say I got less for my money with this one. In it I got a knitted wristband, knitted pumpkin, soap, a small candle, earrings, a little bag full of lavender, some face spray, and some cards. Not anywhere near $50.
Really enjoyable
by bel written 29 days ago
I've had a three-pack of these and as soon as I can afford it again I'll be sure to re-subscribe! This is probably my favorite subscription box I've ever had, there are always beautiful things in it which are a pleasure to receive each month and I truly feel that there is care and attention being put into each box, each month. I needed a minor adjustment to the contents due to personal requirements and the HopeBox team saw to it without any hassle whatsoever, and this was carried through for all of my boxes. Would highly recommend and look forward to resubscribing!