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by Kelly written yesterday
I wanted to say thank you all so very much. When I'm feeling low and can't see or even feel a light near the end of the tunnel I receive the Hope Box. Everything in it makes me feel that my problems are nothing compared to others, Jesus continues to love me, stop crying and tomorrow is a new day. I can and will get through whatever stressors are going on in my life which is my job and depression. Again, thank you for such a wonderful heartfelt box. Kelly Brown
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2 Hopeboxes!
by Äshton written 2 days ago
A couple of weeks ago, I came home to a package on my doorstep. I was wondering what I had ordered on Amazon that I forgot about. It was actually a Hopebox from my best friend of 26 years. I loved it and all of the stuff in it so much that I knew I had to pay it forward. So, I sent one to someone I know that has been going through a hard time. It made her day too! The stuff in it is a perfect gift and can really brighten someone's day. I highly recommend this as a gift for anyone!
Hope Box Joy ❤️
by Lisa written 2 days ago
My mom has cancer and I wanted something to cheer her up. This box was just the thing to make her smile. Thank you. It was perfect. ❤️
Perfect ❤️
by Krista written 2 days ago
My sister is going through a rough time in her life. I saw this box on social media and though it would be perfect for her. She LOVED it. She called me as she opened her box and cried happy tears. It was so nice to do something unexpected and thoughtful. The Hope Box was full of personalized gifts that brightened her day, and she raved about the cookie too, eating 1/2 and saving 1/2 for the next day to savor. Thank you so much for offering The Hope Box. It made me happy to be able to make my sister’s day from miles away.
Like a present from a friend!
by Kirsi written 7 days ago
I just opened my first Hopebox and I'm speechless! It's just like receiving a message from a friend who is travelling around the world, something to cheer you up on a gray day. I loved every item and my cats seemed to think it was the most interesting mixture of exotic scents they had smelled in ages, not to mention that the box itself was occupied immediately. So no question about it, I just renewed my subscription, can't wait to see what treasures I will find in the next box.
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Beautiful - and enough to share!
by Carol written 7 days ago
I got the Hopebox as a way to minister to my friends and family - and to treat myself as well! My best friend is fighting cancer for the 3rd time, and I enjoy picking out a few items from each box and mailing them to her as a pick-me-up. It is a beautiful box and well worth the money.
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Love Hopebox!!
by Deborah written 8 days ago
I always look forward to receiving my new Hopebox!! I love the very nice items and if I don't need any ~ I just use them for gifts!!
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BEST gift!
by ReneeSowers written 8 days ago
I got the Hopebox for my girlfriend who is going through a divorce, and she said that she looks forward to it each month, and that she and her kids open it together, and they all pick out a treasure from it to keep. She loved getting one so much that she starting sending one to her mom who is having health issues. It’s truly a wonderful gift.
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by Linda written 8 days ago
Hopebox, by far, is my favorite crate... it touches all the right feelings.... and has quickly become the one I look forward to most. Lovely contents. Thoughtful presentation. Kind words. Perfect!
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Susie Howell
by Susan written 8 days ago
I love receiving my Hopebox every month. All the artist are so talented.
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