iSprowt - Exciting STEM Activities that Inspire Young Minds

by iSprowt - Exciting STEM Activities that Inspire Young Minds
iSprowt - Hands-On, Fun, Engaging STEM Kits Inspire Kids To Excel In School & In Life - ages 5-11
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Best STEM Kits! Kids Love them!!!

Aug 14, 2020
Rob S.
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These kits are fantastic! I've received two so far and they are amazing! They come with multiple experiments, really fun additional do it yourself experiments that take learning and science to a new level, and a 40-page book. The book is a combination of Highlights magazine, National Geographic, outstanding YouTube videos that bring all of the content to life and make the kids laugh along the way, and a fun short story. I can't believe that you get so much in one kit. It's a great buy! I highly recommend it!!!

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Best STEM Kits Ever!!!!!!

Jul 23, 2020
Juliana S.
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This kit is the absolute best kit I've ever bought (and I've bought a LOT of them)!!!!! It's filled with so many hands-on activities, it keeps my kids laughing, learning, and playing all month.
It comes with this incredible book - worth the $25 just for the book!!!!! The book has a short story with these really cute little charachters. Then the charachters help narrate the book. Not only is the book filled with fun learning segments (so fun, kids don't even realize it is "learning") but it also has these really fun activities. Like Highlights Magazine - but better - with puzzles, search words, mazes - all sorts of cool stuff.
Just when you think you can't possibly get any more value out of this box.... there's the videos! They have links/QR codes to videos that really bring the science to life in a fun and exciting way. It's everything from time lapse videos, to amazing videos showing how seeds were the inspiration for helpicopters, to funny songs and dances that will have your kids laughing and up moving. The entire book is incredibly strong.
The experiments are very high quality! The materials are put together well. High quality components with thoughtful design and interaction. They are visual and engaging. I have a 10 year old and a 5 year old and they are both loving iSprowt.
I think kids 8 years and older can do this...