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Love love

by Susan A., Mar 15, 2019

Can I work for you guys? Lol. Kidding aside - I just wanted to let you know that my family loves you. Everyone is excited to see what's inside the box every single month. It feels like Christmas everytime haha! Love love!

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Happiest niece and nephew

by Sam W., Mar 14, 2019

My niece and nephew are the happiest when I gifted them your crates. I wasn't expecting this but they couldn't stop saying thank you to me haha! It's really weird. Anyways, I just would like to thank you for making them happy. I really do.

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You are amazing

by Madison G., Mar 14, 2019

I just love you guys. You guys are amazing in every way. I have been enjoying my Premium crates for years now and have shared them to a lot to my family and friends. Guess what? They all love your products too. I will continue to share your products to everyone because you are amazing.

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Great products, great customer service

by Susan B., Mar 13, 2019

Not only that you have great products every month, your customer service is amazing too. It is very seldom to see a company like yours these days and I hope that you continue to surprise us every single month. Cheers!

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by Diane B., Mar 13, 2019

I still can't get over the fact that I am now enjoying awesome Japanese snacks. Thanks to you guys! You are awesome.

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Great service

by Emily W., Mar 13, 2019

Just joined a couple of months ago. Great service my daughter loves the crates :)

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I will tell my friends about you

by Katherine A., Mar 13, 2019

I have already bought two of your amazing crates and never get rid of Japan crate🤗 I will tell all my friends to buy your awesome packages too!

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Career options?!

by Anthony A., Mar 13, 2019

I really appreciate the wonderful things that are in my crate. When I got my very first one, I am in love! School was a drag today but when I came home i perked right up when I saw the crate at my door. I do have one question. Are you guys and gals accepting career options? Because for school I am interested in international studies and business and I have my focus more on Japan since I can speak the language plus I went to Japan for Christmas.I mean I still have a year and a half until I am in college but if you guys do have career opportunities I would just love to know whether you do or don't. I do wish someday to be a part of your team. Anyway sorry for the long email. I really love your website and the wonderful crates and it's great to be part of your family. Best of luck and love all around!!! :3

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by Andrea H., Mar 12, 2019

I love Japan Crate so so much! You guys don't know how much I love you. When I broke up with my partner, your crate was my savior. I really appreciate the little wonders you can do to ordinary people like me. By the way, I am still wearing my Japan Crate t-shirt haha! Muah muah!

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birthday gift

by Micaela C., Mar 12, 2019

Hello, I am absolutely in love with your crates and I got my first one finally last month. It was a birthday gift and I wish I could keep getting them but I don't have a very solid income but once I do, I will subscribe again :) I love your crates. Thanks.

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