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Feb 16, 2021
Brenda H.
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My daughter is a serious baker and I feel like this box is kind of a joke for baking kids. It doesn't have any real materials other than a few recipes and maybe a cookie cutter or 2. Just not what my daughter needs.

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Kids Baking Club said...Feb 16, 2021

Hi Brenda, Thanks for your feedback. We are thrilled you have an expert baker in your house. Our baking kits are filled with FIVE step-by-step recipes, baking lesson, baking & decorating tools kids love, and then our online resources to teach kids decorating skills. Each recipe has different levels of baking experience. Sounds like you have a baking champion!
We hope your daughter continues to thrive in baking. Hope she goes on to be a professional baker. It sounds like she is on her way. Way to go for being such a wonderful mom in bringing her love for baking to new levels. Sounds like she needs an adult level baking kit or classes.

Not the best

Dec 08, 2020
Madison K.
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Not the best. The instructions tell you to preheat your oven for step one. As you read further down the recipe, step four is to refrigerate the dough for two hours before you bake it.
The same recipe calls for 4 cups of flour and the equivalent of wet ingredients was not enough. Had I not been paying attention while my 11 year old was making these cookies, the oven would have been on for two hours for no reason before it needed to be and the dough would of had the consistency of sand.
If they can’t take the time to proofread the instructions before sending them out, I think this is going to cause more frustration than anything. Skip it and find something else.

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Kids Baking Club said...Dec 08, 2020

Thanks for your feedback. We have reviewed the recipe in question. We will edit the preheat in the future. The recipe though is correct for making a sturdy sugar cookie perfect for decorating. You must have read the recipe incorrectly and added only 1 stick of butter.
We are so happy you loved the FREE apron and all the other baking and decorating tools and recipes you will love using in the future. Thanks for trying the baking kit out. Jill/Founder of Kids Baking Club