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Not what I expected at all!

Dec 11, 2019
Ilene K.
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Not impressed! This box was not as great as the former boxes appeared. There was definitively not 40 dollars of value in this months box. With all the great gift boxes to choose from I would think no subscription service would send out something as elementary as this - a fossilized clam? A small piece of dinosaur egg? C’mon, the only cool thing is the piece of crystal. Otherwise not cool. Jury is out - I’ll chance one more time and since my budget is very tight due to high medical bills I’ll have to drop this box and look for a superior experience to this one.

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MATTER said...Dec 20, 2019

Hi Ilene, thanks for your honest review and I'm sorry we missed the mark with your box.
If I can be honest, if you find a 40 million year old clam fossil and a 75 million year old dinosaur egg shell unimpressive, our subscription box may not be for you. These are the types of items we are most proud of and will continue to include in every box.
Again, I'm very sorry you're disappointed, and we'll continue to try to impress you. But there will be a fossil in the next box and I encourage you to see the historical and scientific importance of it and the other items.

Maybe I got a bad one

Jul 12, 2019
Dustin F.
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Subscribed for 27 days

I took the time to look at the past boxes and they had some very interesting items. However, the one I just received was mediocre at best. I signed up for 6 months so I hope they improve for the next 5 that I get. There is a lot of potential and I may have just gotten one I didn't like. I will re-review if the next one is better.

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MATTER said...Jul 13, 2019

Hi Dustin, Sorry we missed the mark for you, but thanks for your honesty. Your feedback helps us make sure we put out better and better boxes. We'll make sure to impress you next month.

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