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2.7 of 5 stars
good variety of pan dulce
by Matthew written 2 days ago
I only ordered once but they emailed me on wednesday and told me I won the raffle for a free pan dulce box to try the new experience and it was very tasty. soft and fresh
by Nina written 8 days ago
I'm so happy about this box. It has so many different snaks that I haven't try jet in my live.
Really enjoyed the crate
by Matthew written last year
Good variety, and decent size for the 5.99 starter box. After I get thru this one will have to try the Kings box I had a great experience with this vendor, responded to an email question within 2 hours and sent tracking information as soon as it shipped, and it already delivered.
Not worth it
by Adrian written last year
I have ordered somthing similar yo this being the mexitreat and I was optimistic about this meditate. I thought that it would have more of a variety so I took a chance and bought the king box. Words cannot express my disappointment. For 34 dollars I could have gone to the store and bought myself more than three times the treats. I know how much these candies are worth both here in the u.s. and in Mexico. I prob only got like 8 dollars worth of items. I will never order from this company again and I encourage all who want to buy this to save your money. Horrible experience. I'm so upset/ disappointed/ livid with this service.
by kristina written last year
Boyfriend has been ordering this for awhile so i got myself a box so i don't have to steal his =) Some people may not understand how this works you pay and they ship one time per month and you get billed every month unless you cancel. We haven't had a bad experience yet. Recommended to try if you can handle the chili candies
This Company Will Rob You
by RobertLivingston written last year
Six weeks after cancelling my account, I am still being charged by this shady company with absolutely abysmal customer service despite having contacted them several times.Spare yourself the trouble and robbery and don't subscribe in the first place. If only there were a zero star rating.
Horrible customer service
by Priscilla written last year
I have tried several months to unsubscribe. The box is just boring and most of the time it's the same plain candies all the time. I have yet to recieve a email back yet they are so quick to take money out of your account and every month it goes up. I am very unsatisfied
No customer service
by Airam written last year
Horrible customer service. I had TWO subs at the same time. Due to my daughter moving across the country and no longer wanting the subscription, I cancelled. Multiple emails sent over two months no responses and refusal to credit back my acct. I could live with it being over priced for what you received but not bad customer service. That's not acceptable. Advise when you respond to a customer that first words should " We're sorry" even if you can't help.
by Dawn written last year
I got my box in 4 days, and I live in alaska.. that's impressive. And I think ppl get confused about the shipping and that may be why they leave poor reviews. They ship on the first of the month, so if you place your oder anytime in April yours will be shipped on may 1st.. I didn't have any problems and I loved trying all the new and different flavors! Never had Mexican candy before!
It's Garbage
by Shawna written last year
It funny how they deleted my last review where I said how this is an absolute scam and they don't actually send you anything. Well I finally got 1 package out of my 3 month subscription. Anyone that actually know and likes Mexican candy will know that what they send is garbage. Zero vero suckers, only that knock off garbage. It's a rip off. Don't waste your money.
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