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Our Disney Subscription Box will cure your Disney depression. Bring the magic to you. Learn more >>

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  • We ship between the 22nd and 27th each month so you'll never be charged twice before receiving your first box.
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Our Disney Subscription Box will cure your Disney depression. Bring the magic to you. Learn more >>

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Mickey Monthly | Disney Subscription Box
Our Disney Subscription Boxes allow you to bring Disney magic to your door! Our monthly Disney box is full of handpicked souvenirs and/or snacks from Disney. Mix and match our packages with Pins, Snacks, and Theme Park exclusives. Boxes sizes range from individual, to family sized. We even customize each box to you!
  • Authentic Disney Items
  • Snacks, Souvenirs & Pins
  • Fully Customizable Boxes


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Feb 15, 2019
Rebekah C.
6 Reviews
14 Helpful Votes

We All KNOW that Disney isn't cheap merchandise BUT We Love Disney in this house and Love subscription boxes so figured we'd give it a shot. For the $29.99 box with tax it came to $40.33 for a month to month subscription. We received our First package today AND it had 2 items and a note from Disney in it! The Disney coloring book we got is marked $15.99. The Mickey Mouse popcorn they included had a $6.99 price tag.... THAT DOESN'T EVEN EQUAL am amount for what i paid for the BOX! To be Quite Frank with you this makes me FURIOUS!!! ARE YOU ALL sending these packages out SERIOUS!!???!! I CANCELLED my subscription immediately! Sent a message to the seller and now I'm making a Review on this CRAP 😡😡😡 Incredibly Unbelievable!!!!!!!

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Jan 25, 2019
Celeste W.
2 Reviews
7 Helpful Votes

I had to giving them 3 star and how box was not worth price but they sent me a rude email on price of box and math and how I don't read okay box wasn't 45$ but it wasn't 29.99 with after shipping it's 35$ items was Malt balls and a 5$ ceramic dish to me not even close to being 75% coat of box unless Malt balls were made from chocolate made of gold! And I don't think giving my opinion is constitute to be seriously rude need bussiness classes

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Mar 02, 2019
Leila S.
2 Reviews
6 Helpful Votes

I was so looking forward to this box, but it was nothing but a huge disappointment. After waiting two weeks for it to arrive (isn’t DHL the best!), I ripped open my box to see only three items: a bag of caramel popcorn, a cardboard Alice in Wonderland diorama, and a Frozen coloring book. Sadly, I’m probably going to donate the book and diorama to Goodwill.

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I want so much to like it, but...

Jan 26, 2019
Amanda G.
2 Reviews
5 Helpful Votes

I recieved the theme park edition for a Christmas gift and was very excited! The first box contained a book, a calendar, and a couple candies. It was nice. However, knowing how much the subscription cost, I was not sure it was worth it. Still, I was hopeful for the second box. Well, that one came today and contained a bag of jelly beans and a small, very thin blanket. That was it. I am super disappointed. I know it’s Disney, and Disney will cost you! But this is completely not worth it. Buyer beware

Love PinPal, great box

Jun 05, 2019
Christine V.
1 Review

I am subscribed to the PinPal box and get excited for my envelope every month! Lots of the pins come with the cardboard backing and all pins come with the rubber Mickey head backs. There are no scrappers or counterfeits and I have yet to receive a low quality pin. I love this box because even if I don't want one of the pins I get, I can put it in my "trade" pile for my next trip to the parks! It's a really fun way to build my collection.

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like the others say.... not worth it

Dec 29, 2018
Candi C.
1 Review
3 Helpful Votes

I opted for the 20 box with three items to try the service out as i have heard mixed reviews and figured I would upgrade if I liked it. Shipping to Montana was $16 so when I saw that, I decided to cancel the subscription. That’s a bit steep for shipping a small box. I did get my box pretty fast, in about a week, but when I opened it the three items were very disappointing. A Funko pop Alladin that I found on Amazon for 7 bucks, a Mickey beach towel that I found on Amazon for 4 bucks, and a bag of Disney jelly beans which you can buy for a buck. So paying $36 for these things was pretty infuriating. I will be trying a different subscription service with actual Disney Parks items.

Highlight of the Month

Apr 02, 2019
Sean B.
1 Review

This box is absolutely worth every cent. We have had this service for a year now and we love it. We only had one box that we were not happy with but the other Disney fanatics in our family loved what we didn't. I would recommend this box to anyone that has a passion for Disney but doesn't have as much free time as they would like to make it to the parks.

Allergies beware

Jan 29, 2019
Mallie L.
1 Review
1 Helpful Vote

Mickey Monthly does NOT customize to allergies because the company is only two people...and that’s totally okay with me. I received an item I couldn’t consume due to allergies and loved sharing the Disney Magic with my coworkers. $40 for three items is a little steep but the items were so worth it.

Verified Purchase

My favorite subscription

Jan 24, 2019
Chasity B.
1 Review

I am obsessed with this box! I can not wait to get it every month i get so impatient, once i get my tracking number i am constantly tracking it to see what day it will come! I started out getting the cheapest box because i didnt want to waste money on it if it wasnt worth. A year and a half later and i am still buying it. I am here to tell you This box is worth it!! You always get your moneys worth and I dont feel cheated. i had an issue with my first box(my fault my address was wrong) and their customer service was so fast and sooo nice. I tell all my friends about this box. 10/10 would recomend!

I love the Pin-Pal subscription!!

Dec 22, 2018
Kirsten M.
2 Reviews

I get the Pin Pal- 3 pins, and I am always excited when that little blue envelope arrives. I’ve had the subscription for almost 2 years now and have not recieved a duplicate pin yet. If I get a pin I’m not crazy about, I’m still happy because it goes in my trading pin stash for when I go to Disney World. I’ve recieved some really cool ones- like Shanghai Disney Resort Grand opening and vintage art Minnie Mouse. I’ve even got pins this year from the 2018 sets- so even though they’re not on a card, some of them are still new!!

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