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Mar 02, 2019
Leila S.
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I was so looking forward to this box, but it was nothing but a huge disappointment. After waiting two weeks for it to arrive (isn’t DHL the best!), I ripped open my box to see only three items: a bag of caramel popcorn, a cardboard Alice in Wonderland diorama, and a Frozen coloring book. Sadly, I’m probably going to donate the book and diorama to Goodwill.

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I want so much to like it, but...

Jan 25, 2019
Amanda G.
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I recieved the theme park edition for a Christmas gift and was very excited! The first box contained a book, a calendar, and a couple candies. It was nice. However, knowing how much the subscription cost, I was not sure it was worth it. Still, I was hopeful for the second box. Well, that one came today and contained a bag of jelly beans and a small, very thin blanket. That was it. I am super disappointed. I know it’s Disney, and Disney will cost you! But this is completely not worth it. Buyer beware

Not worth it

Jul 29, 2018
Elaine G.
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I ordered a fairy size Theme Park box, got Goofy candy and a small Mickey figurine. My box was 29 dollars plus shipping. Found the figurine on amazon and ebay selling much cheaper. Not worth it. Especially because of shipping. I’d rather buy it online or just go to the store. Was very disappointed unfortunately :( I like the concept, I just dont think its worth the money , at least not for me.

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Not worth the money

Jul 30, 2018
Cheryl H.
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I. Ordered original box classic neutral all ages and I got a bag of coffee and little pottery Mickey hand.

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