MoshBoxx Heavy Rock Music Box

Metal, Punk, Hardcore music box .3 sizes to choose from, 5 subscription options.

$9.95 / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.7 of 5 stars
by Jean written Mar 20, 2018
Just received my first box and was so overwhelmed with excitement! They even gave me 2 extra bonus gifts!! I'm definitely keeping this subscription box; it's totally worth it!!
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by Theresa written Mar 14, 2018
This turned out to be a great Christmas present for my husband. He enjoyed hearing new bands and looked forward to receiving the boxes.
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Enter the Pit box-- happy happy
by Stephanie written Feb 07, 2018
Ordered the Enter the Pit box, and it came pretty fast. It was full of cd's, a poster, DVD, a vinyl mini, patches, some stickers, and one of the cd's was even autographed! My husband really liked it and said it was a great deal. Megadeath, ozzfest dvd, tractor sex fatality, etc included
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by Sabrina written Dec 21, 2017
I was nervous about getting the Picking Up Change box for my boyfriend for a Christmas present but after he opened I was amazed at the selection. The bands look awesome and I love the small poster. He liked the small thank you card that was in the box. It was worth the money and then some. Thank you for making it an awesome Christmas present. (And yes I gave it to him as an early present, lol)
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Fn awesome🤘
by Christopher written Dec 20, 2017
Just got my first box. Saw a one direction DVD label and was like wtf. I wanted a mix of hardcore and death metal. It was a joke and was perfect metal blade dvds. Perfect selection of hardcore and death and an awesome anthrax thrash collector cd and much more. Very cool 🤘
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by Stephanie written Sep 08, 2017
I wish they hadn't sent vinyls so much. I loved the CDs, stickers, movie posters. I got a blu-ray once which was cool and I liked the little notes. I just wish they had a choice of whether we can use the vinyl...because I can't :(
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Loving all the tunes!
by Michelle written Jul 18, 2017
Loving all the cds and patches and stickers!
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by Michelle written Apr 25, 2017
Got the picking up the change, where it said it would be mostly cd's, and I got 1 cd and 2 vynils. Would be cooler if I had a record player. Cd was good. Gonna give the others away hopefully someone can enjoy them. 😩
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Great gift
by JessieWilliams-Jimison written Apr 24, 2017
I bought a 3 month subscription for my husband. I was a little afraid that this would be a bit cheesy but everything we received was really awesome. There were always a great selection of genres with lots of stickers, patches and banners thrown in. I would def reorder.
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Great DIY crate
by Ethan written Feb 27, 2017
The first thing that's apparent about this crate is how personal it feels. You can tell that everything is packed and wrapped by hand, and all the text is handwritten. One of the 4 cds did arrive with the case broken, but the rest of the case is so good that that doesn't affect my review. Great crate, will keep my subscription and may upgrade if I can get something to play vinyl 😂.
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