My First Reading Club
We ship 3 or 4 age-appropriate books, an activity book, and a gift for mom!

$26.99 / month

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4.4 of 5 stars
by bonnie written Oct 22, 2018
So far so good. We have received two boxes so far and are very happy with the selection of books. They are age appropriate
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Best Purchase Ever!
by JoAnn written Oct 22, 2018
My grandson absolutely loves receiving his packages. Some months he is so excited he calls me immediately because he can’t wait to tell me about the books. Thank you for your service and the personal attention you give each customer.
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Worth every penny!
by Katie written Oct 19, 2018
My daughters, 8 & 9, absolutely love this box every month. The selection is fabulous. Top quality products, and there has not been a bad one! Would definitely recommend!
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by Rennae written Oct 16, 2018
I purchased a My First Reading Club 6 month subscription as a gift for my bff's 4 year old son. They live far away from me, so not knowing what he has or likes, it's always been an obstacle finding the perfect gift. That's no longer a problem with My First Reading Club book. He received his four books in the mail last week and immediately called me excited and couldn't wait for my next visit so he could read me one of his new story books. Thank you for such a great idea and I look forward to purchasing more in the future!
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My children love reading now!
by Tyson written Oct 14, 2018
Because of how MFRC wraps the books in the box and delivers the box to our doorstep, my children see it as this wonderful present that comes every month. They've gone from no interest in reading to "mom how long before we get more books?" - best investment ever!
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Great value!!
by Jennifer written Oct 13, 2018
My kids love getting their books! It's always high-quality books, plus an activity book, and the books--and service--are MORE than worth the price. I have found these people to be very responsive to any concern. I love that my kids are so excited about reading! A+++
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by Amanda written Oct 13, 2018
I was getting this box for a bunch of months for my boys. One day my card wasn’t charged and that was still 17.99 then because the price went up. Now I see it’s 26.99 with free shipping so it’s drastically gone up from the price I started which at the time was 14.99. I know the demand for higher but that’s a huge jump. I cancelled it because it was getting higher
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Great gift!
by Christina written Sep 19, 2018
I personally don't receive the packages because I have them sent to my sister and her daughter in another city, but she tells me that my niece loves them! She gets excited every time she sees a new box, I'm so happy I decided to do this for a year!
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All Brand New books!
by Tyson written Aug 24, 2018
A lot of times I've found that these books clubs deliver used books, not MFRC. All brand new books and the activity books are wonderful. Love this club! Member for life!
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by Tailor written Aug 17, 2018
We have been receiving the the age group 3 year olds, and I can honestly say every time he sees the box he gets so happy and can’t wait to read every single book. As a mother I love seeing the excitement. The books are wonderful. And truly age appropriate. Thank you!
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