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Dec 12, 2018
Brittany M.
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When I read the reviews for this box it sounded so amazing i couldn't wait to sign up. So I Placed my first order on November 12, 2018. Their website said the boxes usually ship out on the 25th-30th of every month...I had to message them to see what was going on by the 5th of December. Which I was told they had a problem with the books they had ordered not being delivered. (They didn't even send out an email or anything to tell everyone this) which I get things happen. But today is the 12th of December and I have yet to receive my box....have literally paid for 2 boxes. (They charge you on the 1st of every month regardless if you have recieved lasts months box or not) and still nobody has communicated why I haven't received the box I've paid for.

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Totally Booked Crate said...Sep 03, 2019

With all the delays not only we have experienced, but other small boxes like mine... we have been working hard as a team to figure out how to fix these issues. We started a different shipping schedule to see if it helps us fix the delays before they happen. However, sometimes that isn't always possible. I am hoping that one day you would give us another shot. If not that is fine and understandable too. Thank you for your feedback and support of not only a small business, but a booknerd's dream. Stay awesome!

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Nov 07, 2019
Jimmy D.
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Subscribed for 11 months

This was the worse experience...I had to personally contact the seller every month just so I could get a box sent out. The books were fine...but I could do without the cheap glitter teacup candles and the other Knick knacks. Honestly I only wanted the books...and even that was missing most of my year subscription
Plus- I never heard from the creator unless I contacted them myself.

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Totally Booked Crate said...Apr 09, 2021

Sorry for this experience with my crates. At the time, my health wasn't the greatest. Though that is not an excuse, I am proud to say that I have been working hard on updating and fixing any lose ends. I also apologize for the way you felt about the items included in the crate, these are small businesses that I enjoy working with because they provide high quality items. The description of what you get in the box each month is on the site, maybe you missed it.
I also wanted to note, that you did receive every box you paid for with an extra one sent. No books were missing from the boxes you received, as I package them myself. I take the feedback of...


Mar 21, 2017
Michaila S.
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Subscribed for 22 days

This box seemed to have a lot of mixed reviews so I decided to try it. It never hurts to try right? I wanted to love this box i really ddid but for the price i ddnt feel like the value was there. My biggest issue though was the customer service. I had to email them asking if i was recieving this months box or next months (i wasnt sure if i missed the cut off.) i recieved NO RESPONSE but magically two days later they shipped me a box and cratejoy sent me a notification......
I have tried many subscription services so to me the non-communication just makes this subscription a disappointment to me.

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