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A Good Introduction to Various Crafts

Jan 22, 2020
Nora F.
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After a bit of a rough patch initially I am happy with the subscription service. I can not praise enough the customer service; especially from Brittany. Her service is beyond superior; especially dealing with someone as annoying as I am. That being said, if I am to be honest here, I think the projects are very entry level. If someone is even a moderately experienced crafter they will find the projects simplistic and juvenile. However, I can tell a LOT of effort goes into choosing materials and providing instructions that anyone can follow; even the most inexperienced crafter. I had a vision of my mother, a lifelong crafter, making refined projects with the kits. Not gonna happen. If the person for whom you are purchasing the subscription is novice crafter or likes quick, simple projects, then this subscription is great. My vision was something different but that's on me, not the company. I made my initial purchase based on the photo shown on the main page. I didn't look at the various, individual kits that the company offers. After my initial contact with the company I went back and perused the other available kits extensively. I'm basing my opinion on the first kit my Mom received and the other kits listed on the website. Most are not what I would consider even a mid-level craft kit. They're very much entry level (or lower) kits. Again, that's on me, not the company. I should have been more...

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Craft in Style Box said...Dec 26, 2019

Hi Nora! Thanks so much for the feedback. I am glad to help if possible. We emailed to see if you wanted to return your box.

Every box including photos and descriptions is available to see before you make a purchase. It is listed under "Sneak Peek" and "Current Box." I encourage every shopper to check it out!

wrong address

Jun 26, 2019
Kristi H.
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Still shipping to wrong address.
Please change shipping to:

Betty Hennessey
2322 Park Blvd
Odessa TX 79763

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