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No-bullshit affirmations for moms who need a boost.
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Power-mama Post

Get a gorgeous postcard every month with a new no-BS affirmation. Stick the card to your bathroom mirror and practice some positive self-talk every time you see it. That affirmation crap really works to help you bust out of negative mind ruts! Fewer ruts = less stress and anxiety. Less stress and anxiety = a happier mama.

  • A *beautiful* new postcard arriving the first week of each month. Yay! A surprise in your mailbox, just for you. And it’s not a bill or a pizza coupon!
  • A unique no-bullshit affirmation designed just for moms. Tackle the negative mind-ruts that trigger feelings of guilt, inadequacy, overwhelm, self-loathing (and other fun ways that we tend to beat ourselves up).
  • A monthly email with easy to use prompts + helpful resources to help you get the most out of your subscription. Finally! Some doable self-care that will actually help to reduce the root causes of stress, anxiety and depression and make you a happier mama.

Sneak Peek

August Post

The August Power-Mama Post is a not-so-subtle reminder that support is necessary to survive motherhood! We all struggle when it comes to asking for and accepting help, and it's time for that to change! This month's affirmation will help you let go of any guilt, shame or awkwardness and help you feel confident asking for the support you deserve!

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