purp-ess box

A Christian inspired bath soap subscription box!

$9.00+ / month

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4.9 of 5 stars
by Jacki written Aug 06, 2017
July's was peppermint and I've yet to be dissapointed and always surprised by the new and different products, one of my favorite is from a previous box the roll on essential oil. To add the customer service is exceptional! My questions are always answered in a timely and professional yet personal manner
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by Ninita written Aug 03, 2017
I have thoroughly enjoyed getting the purp-ess boxes each month! The thought that is put into each box is wonderful! The ingredients are quality ingredients and I enjoy learning about the ingredient each month. I really like the sugar scrubs, so I did miss it in my last box, but totally understand! The box received in July was peppermint. I could smell it as soon as I took it from the mailbox! The peppermint was just the right strength--not too strong. The soap is beautiful and smells wonderful! The soap is smooth and I have never had one of the soaps be drying to my skin-- it is always smooth and moisturizing. The hand creme which replaced the sugar scrub is thick and very moisturizing! Hand lotions just soak right in my skin and are gone in no time. This thick creme is not greasy but stays on your skin for a long time. Keep up the awesome job!
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by Barbara written Jul 21, 2017
I LOVE receiving these boxes each month!! I start getting excited about the 20th of each month knowing a new box is coming soon!! Just finished a 6 month subscription and immediately renewed so as not to miss any!! These products are amazing and the only soap, lotion and scrub I use any more!!
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by Mindy written Jul 06, 2017
I wasn't sure about the scents of the July box but after using the lotion on my face and the soap it was nice. It wasn't overwhelming with scent, but it was still enjoyable. My 9 year old informed me he's been using my soap instead of his body wash and loves it. LOL!
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Just Renewed My Subscription!
by Sarah written Jul 02, 2017
After an initial three month subscription, I just renewed! I love that I get special soaps and products not sold in the store. It is so fun to see what each month's purposeful ingredient is going to be, and the inspirational, faith-based messages with each box are as uplifting as the soaps.
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by Virginia written Jun 27, 2017
Great stuff
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So satisfied with my subscription!
by Jacki written Jun 26, 2017
Every month is always something new and I'm never disappointed! As a mother of two it's always nice knowing I have a little box of bliss waiting for me every month 😀
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Could not be more pleased every month
by Nancy written Jun 23, 2017
Every month is something new, with new meanin that makes you stop and reflect. .love the time, effort and love in every box. Customer service is stunning..post office lost my box, no questions, new box shipped and when the original box showed up, was told to pay it forward. .my hairdresser cried..she needed th a t box too
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Love the concept and the products!
by Judy written Jun 23, 2017
The spiritual connection with this subscription is heartwarming, and the products terrific. I used Shade Mountain soaps long before joining the Purp-ess family and have never been disappointed. Their soaps are rich, well-scented, and long lasting. The scriptural message included in each box gives me time to pause and reflect. An all around great deal!
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by Mindy written Jun 22, 2017
Love, love, love!!! I tend to stick with the same things and the box gives me a variety to try each month!! The past box was more flowery scented which I would stay away from but ended up loving it! I would def recommend!!!
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