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A Christian inspired bath soap subscription box!

Plans as low as $7.65 / month

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Not worth it

by Sara T., Oct 04, 2018

3 items in the box no not worth the money

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purp-ess box said...
Oct 08, 2018
Hi Sara: This is Tamela from Shade Mountain Naturals (SMN). I am the owner of SMN and I am concerned about the review(s) you posted today regarding your purp-ess box on Crate Joy. We take pride in our Purp-ess boxes and try very hard to please our subscribers. You mention you only received three items. There should have been four items in your box. 1). a bar of soap 2). a sugar scrub 3). an essential oil car diffuser 4). essential oil for the diffuser. If you are missing one of these items, please let us know. We will ship you the missing item at no cost with our sincere apologies. We do the monthly Purp-ess Box as a ministry and we take it seriously. For the record, here is the retail value of the items we sell that you received: Soap - $7.00, Sugar Scrub - $9.75, Car diffuser - $19.00, and Essential Oil - $8.00, PLUS: Crate Joy transaction fee -$3.14 Totaling $46.89 As you can see based on the $19.00 you spent for the box we do not profit from this ministry. The additional $8.00 shipping cost we have no control over. This totals $27.00 that was your final cost. Again, if there is something missing please let us know and we will make it right. We employ 9 people here at SMN and we are all humans who occasionally make mistakes. If everything is there and you still feel the value is not worth it we are sorry and are open to suggestions.
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