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Monthly subscription of products for the biggest pen and paper RPG existing in the market,
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Roll for Treasure - Loot box for your RPG

It's time to Roll for Treasure! What is Roll for Treasure? It’s a monthly subscription of products for the biggest pen and paper RPG existing in the market, where instead of receiving a box filled with random stuff, you’ll get several elements that make up a new adventure.

  • Every month you will receive everything you need for a fantastic adventure
  • There is never enough dices? No problem, every month a new and different set of dices for you and your players.
  • A huge variety of miniatures from month to month, which complete the adventure present in the box.
  • A good adventure can't just be monster miniatures, right? What about furniture? Chests, crates, tables, altars, doors, everything can be included to fill the adventure.
  • In each box there is a high quality and sturdy map, designed exclusively for the adventure.

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Q: How would I contact someone to change my shipping address after I ordered a box?Asked by Cody W., October 2020

Roll for Treasure answered...October 2020

Hello Cody
The boxes are shipped between 1-4 of each month, if the customer change the address before the shipping process, it will be shipped to the new address. In case the box returns to us, we can send the content of the box inside a new one, so two boxes in one, or resend with previous shipping payment.
Thank you
Roll for Treasure


Q: Does this box come withg a shirt or pens or anythingAsked by Ml S., July 2020

Roll for Treasure answered...July 2020

When we created Roll for Treasure, we decided to include content meant to be played. Usually brings an adventure with the maps and miniatures necessary for the adventure, pre-made NPCs with included illustrations, new magic objects, Backgrounds with suggestions for character stories or even ideas for possible adventures, stickers, dice sets, and usually some more offers to complement the box, the goal was to have inside a box what is needed to play the adventure included , from NPCs, dice, maps, miniatures, etc.


Q: Is this designed for a specific edition? D&D 3.5, 5th ed, Pathfinder, ect.Asked by Krystal F., September 2019

Hello Krystal
The adventure included each month, is made with DD 5th edition in mind, but it can easily be adapted to any other system.

by Roll T., September 2019

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