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Vintage Clothing Curated for You.

Comma delivers curated boxes of vintage fashion. We specialize in quality American-made clothing from legendary brands, including Levi's, Pendleton, L. L. Bean, Nike, Champion, and more, as well as forgotten makers from decades past. Please see our FAQ before subscribing.
  • 1-3 pieces of authentic vintage clothing
  • Personal note included
  • Keep what you get! No styling fee.

Customer Questions (10)


Q: Will I get to personalize what I what and don’t want?Asked by Gabriel B., May 2019

Hi Gabriel,
Thanks for the question! After purchase, you will be emailed a comprehensive preferences survey in which you can detail your size, style preferences, and more.
If you love vintage t-shirts, you'll be able to tell us and we'll be sure to send some. If, for example, you're allergic to wool or you live in too hot a place to ever wear a sweater, you can tell us and we wont send you any.
I hope this answers your question!...

by Michael P., May 2019


Q: I've seen several questions about outfitting taller men... and responses to the affirmative. However, at 6'8" / 250 lbs, I tend to be a bit more of a challenge. Do you think you could accommodate me?Asked by Michael P., July 2021

Comma Vintage answered...July 2021

Hi Michael,
Thanks so much for reaching out! We can absolutely accommodate you. While I'll acknowledge that certain items--say a t-shirt from a particular event or style of jacket from a specific brand--might not exist in all sizes, I'm confident that we can put together a box that fits your body and lifestyle.


Q: I helped my kids order a subscription to Comma Vintage for their dad for Father's Day. My husband got an email from CrateJoy to claim his gift. When will he get his "comprehensive preferences survey?" Is it sent to him by "Comma Vintage?" What do we tell him to expect next and when?Asked by Melissa M., June 2019

Hi Melissa,
Surveys are sent to provided gift recipient email addresses immediately upon subscription. Because we use an automated system to do this, though, they do occasionally wind up in the spam folder.
I've double checked our system and resent that email to your gift recipient. Do reach out if there are further issues!

by Michael P., June 2019


Q: I’m 6’3”, 170 lbs, so finding vintage clothes that are long enough without being way too wide is really tough. How does this service do in matching the clothes in the boxes to the size needs of the customers?Asked by Adam Z., May 2019

Hi Adam,
We match customers via a comprehensive style survey delivered by email after subscription.
You're right that finding vintage clothing in tall sizes can be difficult. But because we acquire vintage clothing at scale and maintain a warehouse of vintage inventory, we're never had a subscriber we couldn't service. Dozens of our subscribers are 6'3" or taller.

by Michael P., May 2019

Reviews (51)

Not remotely worth the money!

4 days ago
Verified Purchase
Eric D.
1 Review
Subscribed for 2 months

Do not use this service. Impossible to get a hold of anyone for questions or concerns. I have sent multiple emails to both Cratejoy and the vendor they use. No response from anyone so now I am going to dispute the charge. The clothes are from a thrift store at best and not at all what I expected for what I am paying. Do yourself a favor and go direct to vendors and don't use this service. I have contacted seller but funny that they are quick to take money but no help in contacting their partners in this service. Awful/non existent customer service.

Comma Vintage said...Yesterday

Hi Eric,
As we discussed, it looks like there was a delay in shipping your order because we had not received a completed customer preferences survey. According to our records, we had personally sent you an email about the survey but did not hear back. Once we received your survey, we began processing your order. Our order fulfillment turnaround time takes roughly 3-weeks but can admit sometimes differs depending on our influx of orders at any time. We've personally responded to your emails that came through to us from Cratejoy about this matter. In any case, we send our deepest apologies for the frustration and confusion caused and have issued a full refund for your dissatisfaction. Thank you for giving us a shot.

Comma Vintage Review

Jun 11, 2023
Movie C.
1 Review

Comma Vintage is a great subscription box for clothing fans! They curate to your style and sense of fashion! Each box is like a great gift, with an assortment of personally tailored items. I've really enjoyed the boxes I have received, they have included a lot of great clothing items I continue to wear to this day. Each clothing item you are sent has a rich history that is explained in the letter you receive with each box. I have received amazing items like a smart blue suede jacket, great graphic-tees, vintage button-downs, hats, and also a really cool vintage pair of Converse sneakers! I really think this is a great way to enjoy vintage clothing and to find great clothing items that when you wear you can appreciate on such a different level then when you just buy a brand new item at a store, where there is no sense of history, where the clothing doesn't represent anything interesting or culturally timeless at all! I am a huge fan of these Comma Vintage subscription boxes!

Awesome gift

Oct 27, 2022
Verified Purchase
Joshua J.
1 Review
2 Pictures
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 12 days

My new favorite tees!! Stoked to get this as a gift from my fiancé. So hard to find quality pieces thrifting these days. If I saw these at a shop in person, I would definitely buy for myself. Much easier to have it sent right to your doorstep.


Mar 29, 2023
Verified Purchase
Robert T.
1 Review
3 Pictures
Subscribed for 2 months

Got a well worn vintage 1990’s Eddie Bauer sweater, a distressed Van Heusen flannel and vintage Merchant Marine T-shirt along with an old baseball card and postcard from the 1950’s.
Super cool 😎 My only gripe is now I feel really old because I was totally thinking 1970’s were vintage not the 90’s lol

Loved this!!!

Oct 24, 2022
Verified Purchase
Zarah D.
1 Review
Subscribed for 5 days

Such a cool idea and my box turned out better than I could have hoped. Received some very vintage pieces I can't wait to play around with styling. This would make a great gift too.

Happy customer

Oct 25, 2022
Verified Purchase
Antonia L.
1 Review
Subscribed for 6 days

The stuff I got was amazing! Good service and overall happy with what I received.

Great products and customer service!

Oct 25, 2022
Verified Purchase
David B.
1 Review
Subscribed for 6 days

Great stuff!! Will be ordering again very soon! :)

Never received and no customer support

Jan 24, 2022
Verified Purchase
Francy M.
1 Review
Subscribed for 2 months

I ordered this box for my son for Christmas. He filled out the survey but we didn’t know what would be sent. The box was shipped but we never received it. We have both sent numerous messages to the company with no reply. There is an inquiry in with the Post Office, but this lack of customer support from Comma Vintage is very unprofessional. I would love for my son to get a replacement shipment but a simple friendly reply acknowledging our issues from the company would make me feel better. I had high hopes for this gift. Don’t waste your money.

Comma Vintage said...Feb 17, 2022

Hi Francy,
As we discussed, your box was returned to sender. We then shipped it back out once we received it. We replied to your emails, but our replies were not seen. We're glad that we were able to get your son his first box--albeit later than we hoped!--and are happy we are able to keep you on as a subscriber. Thanks so much for working through these challenges with us!

Never received. No Customer Support

Nov 23, 2021
Verified Purchase
Tessa C.
1 Review
Subscribed for 1 month

I never received the box and ordered over a month ago. I've been trying to contact the owner or anyone about the whereabouts of or any update and I've received radio silence. It's a great idea. But the customer service should be better. Waste of money. I'd love a refund please. Thanks.

Comma Vintage said...Nov 23, 2021

Hi Tessa,
Thank you for your review, and for alerting us to problems behind the scenes on our end. Clearly, we've got some operational difficulties resulting in missed communications. Looking over this with the team, everyone thought it was being handled by someone else. That's on us.
But that's ultimately irrelevant to the fact that you paid money and didn't receive a product in a timely manner. Per your review, I've sent the refund.
If you'd still like to receive the order, I'd be happy to make sure you get it, free of charge. If you ultimately want to continue, we'd be glad to have you.
My sincere apologies again,
Mike, CEO and Founder

Never received

Oct 03, 2021
Verified Purchase
Rebecca G.
1 Review
Subscribed for 4 months

Never got my box. Ordered for Father’s Day June 2021. Contacted customer service and no news….

Comma Vintage said...Oct 22, 2021

Hi Rebecca,
I apologize for this mixup. According to our records, we have not received a completed customer survey for the recipient, or one that we're able to coordinate with your customer profile. As a result, we have been unable to ship the order.
Ultimately, of course, we should have followed up about this after a reasonable amount of time, and not let the order sit unfulfilled.
Given the delay here, I have gone ahead and issued a full refund. Please reach out if you'd like to resubscribe. I'd be happy to have you back, and to offer a deep discount.
Thanks so much, and my apologies again,
Mike Pontacoloni, CEO and Founder.

Photos from reviews of Comma Vintage: Quarterly

Past boxes from Comma Vintage: Quarterly

Joey's Box

Joey's Box

Joey told us he wanted a timeless casual look. So, we sent him a well-worn Levi's trucker jacket from the 1980s, a red Woolrich Chamois flannel from that same decade, and a 1990s single-stitch t-shirt from his home state of New Hampshire. Admittedly we don't know what the hat's for, but darned if we don't love the color.

Dustin's Box

Dustin's Box

Dustin told us he's open to anything, and happened to mention he needs a better winter coat. We hooked him up with a 1960s Navy-issue pea coat. These are datable by the satin liner, corduroy pocket bags, and double row of stitching on the cuffs. A rare item that will last a life time, evidenced by the fact that it already has. We added a square-tipped knit neck tie to go with it.

Jerome's box

Jerome's box

Jerome let us know that he's trying to grow out of his college wardrobe but not ready to give up on it entirely. He mentioned a love for skateboarding and 80s DIY punk; we took it from there with a pair of early 90s Levi's 550s (loose but not baggie) and an American-made Five Brother Flannel in a classic lumberjack plaid.

Bella's Box

Bella's Box

Bella told us she wants to experiment with bowties. We obliged, then went all out with a Harris Tweed jacket and a US-made Oxford Cloth Button-down from one of the countless long-gone menswear stores that disappeared with the rise of the shopping mall.

Ted's Box from Mira

Ted's Box from Mira

Mira bought a gift subscription for Ted, and let us know that he needs a bit for his summer wardrobe. We obliged with a 70s printed button-up, a pair of Eastland Camp Mocs, and a paper-thin t-shirt of a rutabega. We do not know if Ted likes rutabega, but we hope he does now.

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