SaloonBox DIY Cocktail Kit
Premium monthly cocktail subscription box.

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4.5 of 5 stars
by Fallon written Oct 02, 2018
I ordered Saloon Box for my husband as a birthday gift. I read a countless number of good reviews and decided I’d give it a try. I did not have a great experience with them. I got one email saying that my package was shipped then a week after no confirmation number or tracking number. I sent two emails and didn’t hear back for over 24 hours so I disputed the charge on my credit card because I thought maybe it was a scam and I was not receiving a box. As soon as I did that I finally got an email with a tracking number. My husband did finally recieve his gift - but inside was no note from me that was supposed to be included- and I was not happy about it. I think they need to have a contact number clearly listed on their website and they should be able to respond a little quicker than 24 hours. The drinks my husband made were good so I’m giving them three stars.
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Difficulties with shipping
by Caitlin written Sep 12, 2018
I've had very frustrating experiences with this company. I've tried to change the address on the subscription box at least four times, and the box keeps going to the wrong address. Even with repeated communication with the company it still does not seem to go through, as month after month the boxes do not arrive to the correct destination.
by Krystle written Jun 21, 2018
I still haven’t received it!
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SaloonBox DIY Cocktail Kit said...
Jun 21, 2018
Hi Krystle - We've reached out by email regarding your order. It looks like there is a problem with the address you entered and our customer service team has been trying to reach you. If you don't see an email from us, please reach out to, as there may be an issue with the contact information provided to us. Thank you & sorry you haven't received a kit yet!
by Cynthia written Feb 09, 2018
I just got my first SaloonBox and was thrilled to see two drinks I had never heard of before--one even featuring my favorite liquor, mezcal. The packaging is beautiful and the issue of Imbibe magazine was a fun addition. So far I've only tried one of the cocktails and it was really tasty and easy to make with all of the provided ingredients. All I needed from my pantry was an orange. I do think it would be nice if they included more of the "fun" liquors/brands since the gin was just Tanqueray and I can get that anywhere. Otherwise, super happy with it and definitely recommend!
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by Madeline written Jan 04, 2018
I bought this box as a gift for my husband for Christmas. We received the first box and I was very impressed with the packaging and how it was out together. Unfortunately our box was also missing one of the ingredients to make he cocktails (it comes with a checklist) so I was dissappointed about that. I reached out to the company explaining what happened and they said they would send the ingredient although I haven’t received it yet. He did really enjoy making the cocktails so overall pretty good.
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Love getting this every month!
by Kate written Jun 14, 2017
I bought this for my husband as a birthday gift, and we have both really enjoyed the boxes each month. The cocktails are delicious and creative, but not so 'out there' that you wouldn't want to recreate them after you've used all the contents of the box. I highly recommend this subscription service!
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by Lyle written Jun 14, 2017
We loved giving SaloonBox as a gift! Thanks for making it easy!
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Great gift!
by Susan written Jun 14, 2017
I received Saloon Box for a gift, and as an aspiring mixologist, it is a great gift. I totally look forward to seeing what is in it each month and getting to try out the drink recipes. I have definitely received some mixers and liquors that I have purchased just from being introduced by the Saloon Box, so well worth the try in my opinion!
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For the guy who has it all...
by Kate written Jun 12, 2017
I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my husband, and it has been a big hit! It's been fun to try new things, and we look forward to the next box!
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Great subscription program!
by Natalie written Jun 08, 2017
I got this for my husband to try and have continued to renew our subscription as it has been a wonderful service. We get to try new spirits, interesting flavors and have the recipe card to do it again! Definitely recommend to anyone who likes cocktails and is up for a little adventure
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