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4.7 of 5 stars
by Brittany written Aug 23, 2018
Not impressed. They have taken two payments but still no socks received still. Super frustrating
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Mixed feelings...
by Christine written Jul 18, 2018
So the good things, they have nice socks. Bad things- customer service. They forgot a pair of socks for me then said they would ship out next month, you know if I paid again, next month comes and still no forgotten socks. I'd go to another sock subscription, this one is no good with helping when an issue arrives.
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Say it with a Sock said...
Jul 26, 2018
Hi there Christine, Thank you for your feedback. We are looking into this issue with our technical support team to ensure that this does not happen again to you, or any of our other sock subscribers. As an apology, we have shipped you free replacement socks. My wife and I started Say it with a Sock because we truly do LOVE fun socks and want to share our excitement monthly, with our subscribers who also love fun socks. We hate it when our customers have a poor experience with our service as it is the opposite of what we strive to do. We hope that you accept our apology and enjoy these fun socks.
by Amanda written Jun 09, 2018
Cute socks, 8 year old son loves them
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by Lynda written Jun 03, 2018
The socks are adorable, and good quality 😁
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Great socks
by Dora written Feb 27, 2018
Got given this as a gift and I really like the socks thus far :)
Great customer service!
by Sharon written Feb 12, 2018
Great socks, great service! I had an issue with the sizing of a pair and received a really great replacement pair! Yeah for "pencil socks!!"
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by Laura written Jan 08, 2018
My daughter is a sock collector and she LOVED her Sock Crate!
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by Liz written Nov 10, 2017
In total I received 13 pairs of socks from this subscription. Of those 13 pairs, I loved all but one pair and that pair made an excellent gift for a friend :)
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Well-made and whimsical!
by Sharon written Oct 14, 2017
I know, they're just socks, but this company proves that even socks can be fun! I rec'd. my first shipment which contained two pair of soft and sassy socks. Fast shipping and nice packaging are a plus.
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by Paula written Aug 08, 2017
I love a quirky, good quality socks and I am pleased with my first delivery. I opted for the 2 pair box and received one quirky pair and one plainer pair. They are both a thin, summer appropriate material. I am hoping that the socks get a little thicker as the seasons change. (I ordered after seeing that Happy Socks are now one of the brands, I didn't receive them this time but still happy) This subscription was delivered to my house two days after I ordered!!
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