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Imaginative and Fun!
by Sharon written May 26, 2018
I really appreciate the unusual and original themes that The Scrapbooking Store offers! Having already done many of your more basic themes in the past, I find these themes refreshing and challenging (the good kind!). That being said, this might not be the best fit for someone just starting out. For me, though, I'm hooked!!
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My expectations where not met
by CindyWeber written Mar 14, 2018
To be fair the quality of the kit is nice and the price point for the amount of pieces that come with the kit is spot on. You are definitely getting a bargain. With that being said...I was very unhappy with the monthly picks. I am a newbie to scrap-booking and thought a monthly kit would be very helpful. For January they sent us tropical themed paper. Its the dead of winter and I live in Ohio there is absolutely nothing I can do with a tropical theme in my scrapbook. I will literally have to wait till summer to be in MOOD to scrapbook with a tropical theme or even have the pictures to use for it. For February, one of the most romantic months, they send a cleaning house themed kit. Uhh I think they missed the mark a little bit on what type of theme to choose for February. I think this company has potential but there are some serious kinks that need to be worked out and then it will be awesome. I wish them luck.
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by Christina written Mar 06, 2018
I absolutely love it but I am a big scrapbooker each month a sinew scrapbooking paper which goes along with the stickers and embellishments that they send with you and this month's was awesome and so was last month completely love it worth the price for sure
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Not worth the money!
by Emily written Jan 21, 2018
I would like to cancel my subscription, please.
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Wrong subscription Kit
by Whitney written Nov 27, 2017
I received the October subscription kit when I should have received the November kit. Otherwise the kit is nice, and the email confirmation of when the package arrives is very helpful.
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Oct scrapbook box
by Jade written Oct 10, 2017
The 12 x 12 sheets are nice and had a great Halloween theme! However I was a little underwhelmed.. I thought there would be a few more embellishments or letters. Not sure that I feel it was worth the price? I love scrapbooking and subscription boxes so i will see what else comes in the next month's box!
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by audrey written Oct 05, 2017
I just received my first scrapbook kit and I am in LOVE! The paper and embellishments are gorgeous and beautiful quality!! HIGHLY recommend! Thanks so much
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by Nicole written Oct 04, 2017
Loved the little set I got. Wouldn't have picked it out myself, and I'm pleasantly surprised. The quality is amazing, and I've never seen dual sided paper before - so cool! Excited to use the materials!
by Salome written Sep 28, 2017
Received my first kit and it is aaabsolutely beautiful.. loved it and can't wait for the following box.
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by Garrett written Aug 12, 2017
I absolutely love this subscription so much. I love every single month so much when I have a chance I go back and order them again. They have great taste and great customer service. You will not regret this subscription.
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