Pens, Pencils, and Notebooks...Oh My!

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4.1 of 5 stars
by Christine written 4 days ago
Love it! A little disappointed it didn't come in a box but all the items were top notch quality and stuff I would use on a regular basis definitely hooked! If you're a consistent writer or scribbler this is definitely for you
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Love 💕 the order I just received in the
by Linda written 5 days ago
The Sprout pencils are intriguing!! Excited to try them once I use the pencils!! Loved the travel journal!! It’s like a bullet journal set up!! Thanks for the great products!!
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One of my favorite boxes
by Linda written Jun 03, 2018
Always love the variety of items in this box!! I love using the different pens and papers together!! Can never wait to see what I’ll receive next!!
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Too plain, not fun
by Richelle written May 24, 2018
Function can still have a cool cover.
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by Jensa written May 19, 2018
Love it so far!
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by Sharon written May 10, 2018
I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the four journals I got in my May box! It also came with four Gelly Roll pens. For the price, I think ScribeDelivery is a really great bargain with so many exceptional items.I will definitely continue this box!
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Not enough for the money
by Whitney written May 08, 2018
I received a FIVE pencils, an eraser, pencil sharpener, pen, jumbo post-it note pad and a notebook. Sounds like a lot but not worth the money. And why do I need 5 pencils. The best one was the mechanical pencil, but overall I’m not a pencil person. I canceled upon receipt if the box. I didn’t want to waste another $30. I have seen a few good boxes previewed on their Instagram, but not worth the risk to hope you get one of those.
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Best day of the month!
by Christy written May 08, 2018
I can’t wait to check my mail on Scribe delivery day! I’ve subscribed for 6 months now and have not been disappointed. Each package has been great - and well worth the $29. The notebooks are unique and unlike anything I can find in local stores, and some of the pens have quickly become my favorite to use. If you’re a journaler, note taker, or even just a collector of pretty things, you can’t go wrong with a Scribe delivery subscription. The only regret I have is that I didn’t find out about it a long time ago!
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Liked what I received
by Karen written Apr 18, 2018
I did like what I received, I guess I was expecting to receive more for my money. I'll give it another month or two before I decide for sure. The first one did have a lot of pens that were really nice it was much better than the second one. So we shall see. Guess in the long run, I enjoyed it more than disliked it.
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Feb box...
by shannon written Mar 29, 2018
SUCKED!!!! The absolute worst curation they’ve ever done. There were a couple boring, basic, run-of-the-mill journals I could’ve gotten at Walmart, & a grip of pencils. Seriously, Scribe- LAY OFF THE LEAD!!!!! No one needs this many pencils each month! Stop the madness, please!!! And if you’ve got a cheap box, it’s all just too blah, how about adding little cards like in a few past boxes- writing prompts (remember the month you did that & added a 10 sided die to roll to pick which prompt(s) to use together?!? BRILLIANT!!!!), or the new year’s resolution/ planning cards a couple years ago, that stuff is low cost bc you can just run copies on cardstockn& BAM! You’ve increased the value of the box by $10 & offered something absolutely NO other boxes will have, again just increasing the value. I’ve been subscribed since quite possibly the very first box & I have to say, the quality, value, uniqueness seem to be teetering the last few months on the edge of being obselete... look harder for more unique journals, too... basic lined but blank pages are boring! Maybe offer ideas for the famous “artist’s date” Julia Cameron has as a part of the Artist’s Way program, or prompts for writing memoir or to take a shot at poetry or flash or whatever genre. I’ve tried literally all the other “writer’s” & journaling & stationery subscriptions & Scribe has beaten out the competition & has previously been exponentially better, higher quality, more sophisticated (ie, no flowered stationery or emoji stickers),
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