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Love it!
by Emily written 7 days ago
Loved everything in my delivery this month! High quality items that I never could have found on my own. Definitely worth the price for the amazing curation!
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Discover new pens and notebooks
by Kali written Sep 13, 2018
I've been a subscriber for three years, and I love getting SCRIBEdelivery in the mail every month! It's a great way to discover notebooks and pens, especially from brands I wasn't familiar with. Customer service is great, too, with posting updates, taking care of any product issues, and asking for feedback to improve future deliveries.
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Like a little Christmas every month
by Marsha written Sep 12, 2018
I love my ScribeDelivery package. The variety is excellent--mostly notebooks, a few other little accessories from time to time, and writing instruments. I stalk my mailbox waiting on the package to arrive each month--then it is like a little Christmas morning for me. :) My one small, tiny, complaint is that sometimes there are way too many pens/markers/pencils.
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by Jennifer written Sep 12, 2018
I found this company through an ad on facebook. I gave in after months of seeing the ad, I was NOT disappointed! I love my monthly subscriptions. I brag about my new books and pens and post-its to everyone I see. Best decision I have ever made! The pens are outstanding and can be found on amazon, the notebooks are useful and fun, and even inspire me to be more creative! each month is a surprise in regards to what you will get! One month we got paperclips! (i use them everyday in every way I can).
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So useful!
by Chelsea written Sep 12, 2018
I've been a subscriber for 7 months and I can't quit them! Every month, I find a new favorite product and the items that don't make my "must-have" list are still useful! Great variety of products. I had no idea there was so much to discover in this category.
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So far, so good!
by Michelle written Sep 12, 2018
I've only received 2 deliveries so far, and I'm excited to see what future shipments include. I have always been an avid lover of stationary products but this subscription allows me to find new things and be pleasantly surprised!
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I’ll give it another month, but...
by Anne written Sep 01, 2018
So far, I’m under impressed with my first box. There wasn’t anything in it that was special or that I felt I couldn’t get at a good office supply store. The pens are nice, but according to the letter and values listed in it, I broke even on the subscription cost vs value of items. So, no great bargains, nothing overwhelming or super cool and half the items given away because I’ll never use them... meh. Maybe the owners are tired and out of clever ideas. I’ll give it another month and update the review then. Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised and have to eat my words. We’ll see. 😏
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Bummer, no longer worth the $
by shannon written Aug 14, 2018
I’ve been subscribed to Scribe since the beginning, & there have been some A-MA-ZING boxes. But, the last few months? SUCH A F’n BUMMER!!! Like, even according to their own calculations, this month’s box was worth $34! So, $5 more than subscription cost. And this month’s curation? Sooooo bad! I got a very, very small (2”x3” ish) journal (only redeeming quality is that there’s a Basquiat print on cover, but then again, it’s not one of his best works, so😤), a $3 Uni-ball pen (black ink) that they sell at Walgreens), 3 colored Uni-ball pens that don’t write smoothly & skip across the paper- I only received 2/3! (Also found at Walgreens), & a cheap ‘keyboard’ notepad- nothing special & not even quality paper. The letter describing everything said that the black ink uni-ball is requested soooooo often that they finally put it in the curation- who is requesting a $3 pen you can buy anywhere????? Idk if Chad has left the company & he was awesome, or if he’s given up, but COME ON!!! One of my boxes this month costs $15/ month- it contained $95 worth of product! I mean, why wasn’t this month's theme back to school? Totally dropped the ball. As I’ve said in previous reviews of Scribe, they could at least include fun writing exercises- like they did a couple years ago- & return to the concept of curating items that are new, unavailable/ not released yet, or aren’t readily available at the fn drug store. For about the last year I’ve been thinking of cancelling bc of the quality of products, but I kept thinking, oh, it was just an off month, next month will be better! WRONG!!! I’ve discovered some really cool new brands & products- Japanese brush markers, pens not yet avail in the US, French lined paper (who knew?!?!?!), hobuku techno journals, Write brand spiral notebooks, a kickass purse calendar/ planner... but last month’s products are all available at Target, the month before incl somebof the same brand as last no th’s, rec’d a few products that were already in previous shipments- one 3 pack was even the exact same cover prints as the previous, Rhodium notebook in previous shipment, etc. if you’re a writer looking for a great sub box for writers, skip Scribe & go with Scribbler! At least the Scribbler box includes little 10ish page booklets written to instruct or guide the recipient thru how to tackle that month’s theme- plot, fight scenes, editing, publishing, etc (it also includes a novel showcasing an example of the month’s theme & even cooler, that author offers info about their writing, be it editing- that month included an example in the form of a few pages from the novel of the month with the editor’s notes and the changes made bc of those notes- or plot or character development.
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So happy!!
by Tammy written Jul 29, 2018
I love the delivery every month. They do a awesome job at picking the products that go in the box.
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Terrific subscription box!
by Janna written Jul 09, 2018
I have looked forward to every SCRIBEdelivery box and I am NEVER disappointed. I've received a variety of notebooks, cahiers, pads, writing tools and accessories, and it's all been wonderful and useful stuff. I highly recommend this box!
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