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The Best Stationery Available!
by Jose written 15 days ago
I already have a lot of stationery, but these last two months ScribeDelivery has been able to deliver things I have always wanted but didn't buy. Last month it was Story Supply notebooks and a Tombow Mono pencil, this year it's the Whitelines legal pad and Stifflexible notebook I had not even heard about until now. They give a generous amount of stuff each month, and it's a fun challenge to use all the things you get before the next month comes around. Love it!
Great variety and exposure to brands
by Kali written 18 days ago
I've been a subscriber for a year and a half and I love getting SCRIBEdelivery in the mail every month! I like getting notebooks and pens from brands I'm not familiar with and then finding out I love them! If you love writing and love notebooks, this is perfect.
The thrill is gone
by Juli written 19 days ago
I have been a subscriber for just shy of two years. (I just stopped my auto renewal.) In that time the monthly envelopes went from Eh, so-so to cool, back to underwhelming. Most of the items I end up taking into the office and either hand them out or place them in the supply cabinet. I'm done supplying everyone else with pencils, OfficeMax pens, and boring notepads. Shame on me for sticking it out this long cuz the thrill is gone.
If you love to journal
by John written 2 months ago
I am constantly writing things down. Their stuff is good quality. I received boxes twice. If you are not into journaling and taking notes you won't like it. If you are like me, you'll love it.
Unique Curation of Writing Supplies
by Christin written 6 months ago
I love surprises and I love subscription boxes. So when I encountered a review/unboxing of SCRIBEdelivery, I was pretty excited to say the least. I think what really works for me here is the curation effort that is put into the boxes. I've only received two (April and May) and while I understand some of the complaints I've just read in other reviews about the April delivery, I think what is overlooked is the exposure to new and interesting products. The April delivery was about recycled and sustainable writing products and I think the thought that went into that was outstanding. It's not about receiving a "small notebook" as I saw mentioned. As a lover of all things paper and pen, I'm looking for items I would not have encountered otherwise. The May delivery did make my heart sing a bit more. Two new and delightful pens to try, a leather bound journal with elastic strap and a set of 2, slim, lined notebooks as well. I think the value is outstanding especially when the effort to curate is considered. I'm so glad I encountered this subscription and look forward to each coming month! As an active recorder of life, I know I'll always have some unexpected supplies just around the corner to help me do so!
by Arica written 6 months ago
I just realized I am paying $29 a month (mistake on my part I thought $10) last month I received 2 pens and 3 notebooks (2 of which were extremely skinny) will give another month a try, but not worth the price in my opinion :(
What happened this month?????
by shannon written 7 months ago
I have subscribed to this box since the beginning- I believe since the very first box. Almost Every month has been pretty great... even if I didn't LOVE everything, the value was obvious & there were lots of items - especially exciting was getting pens that weren't on the shelf yet, sometimes not even able to find if I googled the name of the pen.... I've always been a bit disappointed that they tend to send pencils each month, which I don't use, but again, the other items in the box always made up for the pencils. Last month was not as great as any previous month, but this month? SUCKED!!!!! 2 journals- one small stapled journal & one (wood cover?) spiral notebook, & like 4 pens, 2 of the same one, nothing special. Previous months have included cool pens- fountain pens (my favorite), Japanese brush pens (my 2nd fave), and like I said, new styles that aren't readily available... it's especially disappointing when the email about the upcoming box is something they are soooooo excited about, then.... crap. I'm so disappointed, there truly are no words. Why was chad so excited about this month's box? It sucks! Also, please go back to sending the page describing the items instead of the postcard with a barcode ... I don't want to go online after checking out the box, I want to read about the items right away & get to writing!! I go online & get sucked into the wormhole & end up wasting hours doing nothing instead of using/ enjoying my goodies! Please, please review the previous boxes & get back to the good stuff!!! How can you be proud of what you curated this month?
by M written 7 months ago
I subscribed to two months of deliveries. I allowed the second after not being very excited about the first. I just received the second delivery and am still left wanting. My first delivery included three Japanese journals that I donated to my daughter's teacher because they were like the three lined paper I learned how to write cursive on when I was in elementary school. The second month (and I understand the Earth Day theme), but after receiving the email that Chad was so excited about the box because they'd pushed it off for months, I was really expecting an awesome box. Basic pens and small notepads. I would not value what I received at $30. So I've unsubscribed. I may give SCRIBEdelivery a second chance later because there are so few boxes designed for writers, but for now, I'll be keeping my money.
by Octavia written 9 months ago
I'm a math teacher by trade and a journalista by design! I had never heard of subscription boxes before and stumbled on SCRIBEdelivery completely by accident. My first box was their fountain pen box and I had planned to end my subscription. But it's been 6 months and I usually find something terrific in every delivery! I dI'd an unboxing for my 7th graders last month and passed out the paper clips and notebooks, they were delighted. Having this subscription is great for my students because it encourages their writing and creativity which is always a bonus!
Enjoying these boxes a lot
by chris written 9 months ago
I got all my family subscription boxes for Christmas this year and decided to treat myself to one also. I picked the Scribe Delivery boxes because I love pens and paper. I have enjoyed getting these so much and look forward to the next one. One of the pens I got is now my favorite. thank you.