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Fantastic Picks!
by Ruth written Nov 10, 2018
First box recieved today. It contained 2 Pentel GelX pens in red and blue. Those are some of my favorite pens but I didn't have them in those colors! Also got 2 Posca pens in Black and White. Already have them but it's always good to have extras since they get a ton of use. The notebook was delicious! Also there was a cute little greeting card that said You are Radical on it. Super cute. Honestly... a TINY bit pricey for the items but overall I really do like it. I will be staying for another month to see what they have in store!!! I'm hoping maybe they'll decide to do some sort of art journal or sketchbook with more substantial paper. We will see!
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Nov 2018 delivery.
by Jackie written Nov 08, 2018
Just got my first Scribe delivery and I'm truly disappointed. I received 2 Pentel EnerGel pens and 2 Posca paint pens. Both are very cheap that you can get anywhere. The note pad is just ok. Not worth the $29. I'll wait for the next delivery and decide whether to keep or discontinue my account.
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Follow up Review
by Anne written Oct 09, 2018
Just received my third shipment and thought I’d update my previous review, but can’t figure out how to access it. The last two shipments have been much better than my first one. Cool notepads that I hadn’t heard of or tried and some great pens. They could stand to change their packaging to something more durable though. Overall, I’ll give it 4.5 stars.
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THAT’S what I’m talking about!!!
by shannon written Oct 02, 2018
Or, writing about! I’ve written some harsh reviews on scribe recently bc I truly felt that the quality & uniqueness of the products had diminished. Whether my comments had anything to do with the drastic difference of this month’s box or not, THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!! This month was reminiscent of the old days of scribe, when the items included were curated with thought & a passion for unique writer’s tools! I am so happy!!! Hoping it’s not a fluke & the following months continue to be curated with the special care that seems to have returned this month after a few month hiatus from the quality I’ve come to expect from scribeDelivery! Thanks, Chad & team!!!
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Love my Scribe box!
by Nancy written Sep 23, 2018
I love getting my Scribe box monthly.
Love it!
by Emily written Sep 14, 2018
Loved everything in my delivery this month! High quality items that I never could have found on my own. Definitely worth the price for the amazing curation!
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Discover new pens and notebooks
by Kali written Sep 13, 2018
I've been a subscriber for three years, and I love getting SCRIBEdelivery in the mail every month! It's a great way to discover notebooks and pens, especially from brands I wasn't familiar with. Customer service is great, too, with posting updates, taking care of any product issues, and asking for feedback to improve future deliveries.
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Like a little Christmas every month
by Marsha written Sep 12, 2018
I love my ScribeDelivery package. The variety is excellent--mostly notebooks, a few other little accessories from time to time, and writing instruments. I stalk my mailbox waiting on the package to arrive each month--then it is like a little Christmas morning for me. :) My one small, tiny, complaint is that sometimes there are way too many pens/markers/pencils.
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by Jennifer written Sep 12, 2018
I found this company through an ad on facebook. I gave in after months of seeing the ad, I was NOT disappointed! I love my monthly subscriptions. I brag about my new books and pens and post-its to everyone I see. Best decision I have ever made! The pens are outstanding and can be found on amazon, the notebooks are useful and fun, and even inspire me to be more creative! each month is a surprise in regards to what you will get! One month we got paperclips! (i use them everyday in every way I can).
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So useful!
by Chelsea written Sep 12, 2018
I've been a subscriber for 7 months and I can't quit them! Every month, I find a new favorite product and the items that don't make my "must-have" list are still useful! Great variety of products. I had no idea there was so much to discover in this category.
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