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4.2 of 5 stars
by Brandie written 3 days ago
I get excited when I see the box every month... Even got my husband on the same train!! Every month is worth every penny!!
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I love it
by Jessica written Oct 09, 2018
It took a little longer than expected to receive my first box but when I did I was very pleasantly surprised. I received a beautiful mink skull and a surprise Badger claw total value of about $39. The skull is in beautiful condition, not missing any teeth and the jaw is very secure to the skull which I did not expect. I also enjoyed that there are information cards attached to the bones for display. I don't care what any of the other reviews say, this is a great box if you collect this kind of stuff.
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Muskrat and Python, oh my!
by Debby written Sep 18, 2018
This is my first skull from you. I collect what I can on the trail. I want to incorporate bones in my plant sculptures that have features. Some are adventures! Anyway, I am so impressed with the selection, my interest in it, and the quality is outstanding. I will treasure these, and send a photo or link when I"m done with them.!!! Keep it up. I'm delighted. And for a good price, too.
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Love it
by Alisha written Sep 12, 2018
Always loved the stuff on Skull Unlimited (though not in a financial situation to be able to afford a lot of the things I want lol) and have bought a couple small things from them in the past. This is a great way for any collector to get some neat skulls and bones at a discounted price. Probably one of my favorite loot boxes Ive ordered.
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Unique box
by Lindsay written Aug 18, 2018
Absolutely wonderful box! Worth every penny and more. If you're a bone collector, zoologist, an oddities collector starting out it's a perfect box. The customer service was excellent! Highly recommend this box to anyone.
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Super unique box
by Cathlynn written Jul 24, 2018
I was so excited to find this box, and even more so when I found out all their products are ethically sourced. I loved receiving my wild Turkey skull and the little extra piece of alligator osteoderm.
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Heck ya bonez
by Kira written Jul 18, 2018
Got this for my bf and he loves it!!
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A gift
by Maggie written Jul 17, 2018
I purchased this box for a good friend. She collects bones and she loved the way the boxes were curated.
Love it
by Faith written May 01, 2018
I love getting a new crate ever month and seeing a new skull and information about it and the extras that come with it.
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It’s great!
by Erin written Apr 21, 2018
Love getting the box each month! The info cards are nice, the skulls are in great condition, and the little extras are fun, too. Especially love the teeth and claws.
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