Monthly Slay Glam Box

Monthly Slay Glam Box

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SLAY! Another day, Another Slay.

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Not impressed so far

Oct 28, 2022
Penny G.
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Subscribed for 3 months

The products are non name brand so you don't know the quality of them. The color of the eye shadows as seem WAY too out there so if you like wild then you may love this box. So far I am not impressed and I still have I about 8 more months....

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Slay Glam Box said...Oct 28, 2022

Hi Penny! Thanks for your feedback. Our box is an indie subscription and we feature a lot of indie brands. We are sorry you did not like our palette, they are duochrome and Multichrome. If you prefer more neutral, please send us an email and we will do our best to not include the duochrome palettes in your box. Thank you for your business!

Pretty good, but could be better

Nov 28, 2019
Hope K.
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Subscribed for 5 months

The retail value of this is always pretty good, but there are usually brands in it that I think way over inflate their retail values. Shipping is odd and I never know when to expect it. You usually get to customize one product. However, you have to watch social media because you never know when those options will pop up. Not everyone is active on social media, so I’d love to see an email go out to let people know it’s time and then you can respond to that email. The packaging is something that has been discussed a lot. My box comes crushed every single month. Some people don’t mind it and some do. The owner says it’s because it’s light and shipping will increase if it’s changed. Why not use a light bubble mailer? I have seen this suggested more than once, I could see if it were for environmental reasons, but bubble wrap is always used inside, so it’s not that. I have had several months to get an opinion of the box, and my ratings are mostly based on shipping and curation. I mention the other things just to give a full review of what to expect. I get a lot of subscription boxes, and many of them are beauty. This one is decent and worth a try if you have been thinking about subscribing but are on the fence, but I also think there could be improvements that would make it better.

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It's ok

Oct 28, 2019
Ana R.
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Subscribed for 7 months

This is my first box and already sent me the wrong liquid lipstick when I sent you my choice. I picked Simplicity and you guys sent me an horrible liquid lipstick,
I would never wear that on my lips. Im going to give this subscription a try for another month. I subscribed because I saw the September box videos and it was an amazing box, but not this month, the best product in the box is the crown brushes kit with the tweezer.

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