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Dec 29, 2018
Briana G.
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This says that it is healthier snacking so I was expecting to get healthy snacks but it was filled with a lot of chocolate and cookies.

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Nov 27, 2018
Ashley F.
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Great customer service and packaging but I did not like the taste of most of the snacks , there was only like one snack I liked in the whole box really well

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SnackSack said...Nov 28, 2018

Hey Ashley, we’re so sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy your experience last month. We would love to hear what types of snacking you enjoy, and possibly send a handful of those snacks. The last thing we want is you to be unsatisfied with SnackSack. Tell you what, we want to send you the upcoming December SnackSack as a second opportunity to find some tasty treats you enjoy. All on us! Expect an email in your inbox confirming this. If there’s any other feedback you can offer, we’re all ears! Have a wonderful holiday season! :)

June never arrived

Jul 13, 2018
Cheryl K.
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Then they billed me for July. I contacted them and they said it was a shipping problem and gave me a refund for June, which was going to be my first box. Still waiting to try, but happy to get that refund.

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Jul 08, 2018
Mary P.
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Subscribed for 3 months

I have been getting the vegan snack sack for about 4 months now. It has been late every month so far. The snacks are good but I have gotten a lot of repeats. There is not always a lot of variety either. The first box I got had a lot of sweet snacks. The second and third boxes were better. This most recent box had 3 bags of popcorn and then several snacks I had already received in the past. Usually the box comes with a list of what snacks came inside, but this month I did not receive one. The snacks aren't bad and I usually eat all of them but wish they would add more variety instead of having popcorn every month. One time they had hummus and that was great. I wish they would add more snacks like that.

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SnackSack said...Jul 09, 2018

Hi Mary, thank you for your feedback, we greatly appreciate you taking time to drop us a note. We’ve made some key changes to prevent late shipments, and you’ll definitely start noticing that immediately. We’re grateful for your patience these past few months as we navigated some growing pains. We apologize for the absent flyer in your last SnackSack, that isn’t supposed to happen. An extended quality control will be implemented to prevent this sort of thing in the future. Our snack curation team has some exciting stuff planned for you in July, and beyond. We are so looking forward to you getting your hands on your SnackSack Vegan this month. You’re going to LOVE it! (Spoiler alert 🚨 popcorn!) ;)

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