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by Amie written Jul 21, 2018
A paperback book and $3 worth of office supplies and a melted candy bar for $119.85/3 months? Is this a joke?
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Sparkle Hustle Grow said...
Jul 23, 2018
Hi Amie! I’m so sorry this month’s Social Impact themed shipment left you disappointed. We never want subscribers to feel they are stuck in their subscription so we will make sure to reach out through email and give you options on your remaining two months. Each item in this month’s box had a give back component to it so we tried to pick items that not only helped grow our business but had a social impact too. We are so sorry the KIND bar made it’s way to you melted. Good news is they do reset quickly at room temperature or a few minutes in the fridge. We made sure to check with them before selecting the product that they would ship well. The KIND bar mission is to “make the world a little kinder” so including those in our boxes allowed us to spread over 1,200 kindness cards around the world. Some of the other items we included funded 113 business school hours for artisans around the world and allowed us to donate a community sized water filter for a whole school in Kenya. Make sure you check out this month’s course as well (included on one of the cards in the box). This month’s training is from an international leader on cause marketing and has a $297 value so we want to make sure you check that out if you haven’t already. We will reach out to you through email to see if there’s a way we can help improve your dissatisfaction. Again our apologies and we look forward to chatting soon to hopefully make your experience a more pleasant one!
It Sparkles!
by Terrah written Jun 22, 2018
By far, one of my favs ever!! High quality and great value!
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Customer service is amazing
by Carissa written May 12, 2018
The original package was not delivered due to no fault of sparkle hustle grow. I reached out a month later to let them know and then forgot to check my email for a response (it was there). Long story short, I let four months go by before contacting them again about my box. They were extremely helpful and even covered costs to ship a new box out. It’s clear that this is a company that cares about it’s clients.
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Great Inspiration.
by Theresa written May 11, 2018
Inspiration. I have subscribed to this box on and off for the last year. And every single time I get a box I am thankful. It just seems to be getting better and better. They are a great support system if you are a beginning Entrepreneur. Keep up the good work
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April Reveiw
by Kimberly written May 09, 2018
I loved my first Sparkle Hustle Grow box! I am a small business owner, and this box was a great find. I loved each product! And have put each one to good use! I loved the double charger! I have a ton of apple products(I phone, I pad, earbuds, Apple Watch) and i am having to plug them in every where in my house! Lol! So being able to charge 2 products with one plug in charger was great! I thought the big paper clips were fun! I took one and put a magnet on it for my fridge! Super cute! I also used one for my monthly bills! I was in need of a new mouse, as my grandson broke mine! So this was amazing! And teal just happens to match my office Decor! So that was a plus! I loved the hustle note pad! I have been using it to write little notes to my customers! (I am a sucker for a hand written note! And it’s great for my todo lists!❤️ I just started reading the book and so far I am highlighting the hell out of it!! I purchase the primal bars regularly, so this was a great item for me! And it’s my favorite flavor! An other plus! And the coupon will definitely be used! I am really looking forward to Mays box! I am really happy I decided to give this box a try, as I’ve been wanting to for quit a while. I was very pleased. And will continue my subscription! Thank you Crate Joy and Sparkle Hustle Grow!!!!
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by Melissa written Mar 21, 2018
The idea is a nice one, but the mini mailer is $25 + shipping cost, and I received a 200 page self-help book that promotes Christianity and retails for about $13 on Amazon, and a 30 day free trial that requires a credit card to sign up, plus some picture prints that can be ordered. At the end of the day, if I knew what I was getting, I would've skipped all of this... and definitely not paid that much.
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Received a book
by Jessica written Mar 19, 2018
I really hate tricky marketing, nearly a bait and switch. They show a picture of a bunch of goodies and send you a book. Create a product showing the book and another product showing you the full box. Every subscription plan I've ever signed up for gives you more than your money's worth. Not this book, you get a book and a bunch of free trial garbage.
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Sparkle Hustle Grow said...
Mar 21, 2018
Hi Jessica! We are so sorry for the confusion about our subscriptions. It sounds like you got the mini-mailer (book, online training and access to our online community) and were expecting the box subscription (4-6 items like books, tools & chic office supplies plus online training + an online community). We try to use a photo and labels with both subscriptions as our first picture to help give a visual for each subscription level but we are always available at to help correct any subscription issues! We will reach out to you through email as well to see if there’s a way we can help improve your dissatisfaction. Again our apologies and we look forward to chatting soon to hopefully make your experience a more pleasant one!
by Alexandra written Mar 17, 2018
I love Julie and her team. Each month is delightful and I look forward to receiving my coveted pink box. I adore the goodies and the trainings are always incredibly relevant and useful. The glittery icing on the sparkly cake is the online community. I have never met such a supportive and empowered group of boss babes!
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Don’t get the mini mailer
by Kim written Jan 30, 2018
It’s just been a book for the last two months. A cheap one at that.
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Sparkle Hustle Grow is a Must Have!
by Shelly written Jan 29, 2018
I am amazed every month at the thought and intention that goes into every product in this beautiful biz box! On top of that, the training always adds value to my business and my life. I am so grateful this box exists and highly recommend it to any boss babe!
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