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Discover delicious flavors from around the world with this subscription!

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Travel around the world for dinner
Discover popular meals from around the world with minimal time and effort. Each month receive simple recipes for selected entrées with delicious flavors from different regions of the world. Includes freshly ground pure spices, pre-portioned for easy cooking and no waste. Just add fresh ingredients, enjoy pure authentic flavors, and relax.
  • Enjoy the mouthwatering taste of dishes cooked with freshly ground spices, without MSG, artificial colors or flavors.
  • Only at SpiceBreeze: Choose 2 of your 4 dishes from a monthly selection.
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Completely Worth It

by Savannah L., Apr 29, 2019

As someone with a food allergy (Celiac's Disease), eating out is really hard. Being given the spices and recipes to create food from other countries is amazing because it allows me to get food that I would normally get at home, and the recipes and spice list to create it again if I like it. And, at the price per month, it's a pretty unbeatable deal. I highly recommend.

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Fun Flavors!

by Daniel H., Apr 24, 2019

This subscription comes with neat new spices each month, oftentimes ones that are not commonly available or that I had not heard of, and tasty recipes to accompany it. Staff was responsive and pleasant to email communications. Would recommend!

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Excellent for my lifestyle!

by Barbara M., Dec 18, 2018

I was so excited when my spices came, but things kept getting in the way of me making the recipes until about two weeks later - the spices were still fresh and waiting for me! I tried the meal kits like Hello Fresh, but the ingredients would go bad before I could get to them - not with SpiceBreeze! SpiceBreeze was just being carried around in my purse until I could shop for the ingredients and cook up the meals - easy! My first one was South Africa's Bobotie and so delicious. I love that there are substitutions written for little things to add or to substitute for different ideas and tastes. The spices smelled so good too! This is definitely my favorite subscription box I've ever had, and the price is not going to break the bank, either! I am excited for my next box!

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by Lisa C., Feb 27, 2019

They send you spices and recipes that you will not normally pick up in your local grocery store. Love exploring new flavors

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by Brianna M., Feb 22, 2019

My bf does most of the cooking, and it takes work to keep things interesting. So, having the suprise of an interesting new spice blend show up in the mail is great. I got him this box on a bit of a whim, and it turned out to be his favorite gift! We've tried making several dishes so far, and most recently really enjoyed the fesenjan stew. This box is well worth the surprise every time. Additionally, in my interactions with customer service, they have been warm and prompt. Another big plus!

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by Ash, Feb 17, 2019

My friends were skeptical when I said I was getting this delivered. But they now drool over my food!I love getting the recipes, that there is always variations to fit different diets/preferences and cultural context to each spice. It's really inspired me to do more cooking and get out of the ordinary.

I even look forward to my lunches at work!

1 year in and absolutely going to keep subscribing (and gift it to my friends!)

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Wonderful Experience!

by Lynda B., Feb 02, 2019

My daughter received her spices today. They went so well with the cooking supplies that I had purchased for her! She was thrilled and cannot wait to try the recipes!

Thank you so much for your kindness in putting up with my worry over my daughter's birthday and getting the spices to her before her birthday! They arrived today! Just know that your spices completed her birthday! She is very pleased!

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What an adventure!

by Kerri S., Jan 30, 2019

I am loving this subscription! Not only does it encourage me to stop eating out (expensive and unhealthy!) but it also gives me such an awesome variety of new and exciting things to try. I am so glad a chef friend told me about this!

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by Cali H., Jan 25, 2019

We love to follow recipes yet be creative and this is perfect for us! Yummy and bold recipes!

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Finally something mom and I agree on.

by Lara K., Jan 03, 2019

I got my mom a SpiceBreeze subscription for Christmas and we had a great time cooking the first dish together while I was visiting for the holidays. Neither of us had ever heard of it but it was simple and really delicious. She loves travel and food so this was the perfect gift for her. Super affordable too. I'm excited to see what she gets next month!

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