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3.2 of 5 stars
This is not worth the money, at all.
by Sarah written 2 days ago
I received one tiny cutting of a decent looking succulent, and then 4 tiny cuttings of a scraggly looking succulent, which were wrapped in 2 pieces of newspaper. For $6 plus shipping, I could have bought two healthy succulents of this size that are actually rooted and potted.
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by Kristin written 3 months ago
I didn't get any instructions but I am glad to have some new succulent cuttings to try.
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by Kimmay written 3 months ago
Last subscription box, came in all damaged, didn't have good protection, one page torn in half. Apparently they don't care about customers safistications but $ they make off our succie passions. We'd better off Facebook trading group. Unsubscribing.
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Bait and switch
by Risa written 4 months ago
When I first started my subscription in May, the description stated that the box of just cuttings would include 4 cuttings of 2 varieties. For the first few boxes, that's what I received. However, around July I started receiving only two cuttings, one of each variety. I've given it a few more months to see if the boxes would yield more cuttings, but this is the 4th such box. When I logged on today to write a review, I see the description has changed to two cuttings. For the price, I can buy two small plants or even find broken cuttings on the floor at my local home depot! I'm disappointed in the changes and probably won't renew this subscription (I bought a full year). Bummer, because I was really happy with the first few boxes, and I love plant mail.
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Good size healthy cutting!
by Karen written 5 months ago
I was really excited to receive my first order and was not disappointed, very nice healthy cutting ready for planting with detailed instructions. Thank you!
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Nice cuttings
by Sara written 6 months ago
I've done three months now, and gotten different cuttings every time. I've only had one fail to root - the others all did, and I got extra plants out of the fallen leaves. It's been worth it for me.
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Broken pot twice
by tabatha written 6 months ago
Received a broken pot twice, refusing to refund my money for the broken one. Awful communication and very unprofessional. If I could give them zero stars I would.
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by Kimmay written 7 months ago
Got three same cuttings out of four. Giving another chance for next month and see how it gonna be.
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by tabatha written 7 months ago
Received my second Succulent box. My pot was COMPLETELY shattered.
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by Destiny written 8 months ago
As a succulent lover, there is nothing better than opening the mail to some surprise succulent cuttings. Received my first order and was more than happy with what I received. Can't wait to see the variety I get over time.
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