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The personal touch
by anna written today
I took a punt and organised this as a subscription kit for my brother and his family as a Christmas Gift. They were sent an email on Christmas day (so I didn't have to remember) and were really excited by the idea and the concept as great international food lovers (with much less time on their hands to explore or travel with their little kids). A score for me as a good gift idea. However, due to my error inputting the wrong street address, their first box didn't arrive as planned. When I contacted the company to explain they couldn't have been more helpful in making the necessary changes and immediately sent out a new box at no extra charge. The whole experience has been so easy and so much less fraught than some of my other post Christmas returns. Personally I have not had a chance to enjoy the meals yet, but I can highly recommend the service, efficiency and customer focus of the team.
Easy meal prep
by Martha written 15 days ago
Just made my first Truffle risotto meal the other night and it was fantastic! Everything I needed was in the box and the directions were super easy to follow. I am definitely looking forward to my next box.
Couldn't be happier with Takeout Kit!
by Karleena written 17 days ago
I purchased this as a gift for my son, as he is curious about other cultures and loves to cook. Turns out he invited me to make the meal with him. Not only did we enjoy trying the new foods we have never had before, but we also got in some priceless mother/son time that I will be forever grateful for. The food was absolutely delicious and so easy to make. My son has convinced me that we should add the tea kits in on the next two kits. Love the shelf stable aspect and that you let people choose their kits! Keep doing what you are doing because you rock at it!
by Madeline written last year
I'm so glad signed up for this! Food is delicious and so easy to make!
Another hit
by Evalynne written last year
We had the Tikka Massala this month. We used about half of the chili spice packet, which worked out perfectly for us. We also added shrimp to the dish. My husband and I both thought this was a wonderful dish, really tasty.
Terrific concept
by Evalynne written last year
So far we have had the Burmese Curry Noodles and the Thai Crab Curry. Both excellent. Not only is this a terrific concept, but the execution has been wonderful. Looking forward to our 3rd order next month (Shakshuka). We have been so happy with this that my husband and I made the decision to give birthday gift subscriptions to both of our children.
Excellent concept
by Lydia written last year
I can't tell you how many times I've ordered a home meal kit and didn't get to it fast enough so I end up with wilted cilantro or limp arugula. I tried the Ethiopian kit and was just thrilled with the flavor and the ease. The service is wonderful. Full size items in every box, not just sample size.
by Stewart written last year
We're really enjoying our Takeout Kit subscription, and having fun cooking the meals together. Truly everything you need is in the box, even things like non-stick spray or vinegar.
by Susannah written last year
Easy-to-follow directions and a delicious meal!
by Brandi written last year
It was a beautiful presentation, the directions were easy to understand, the meal was quick and super tasty!
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