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Tamed Wild Box

Monthly delivery of earth magic & intention setting rituals

Plans as low as $27.55 / month
Product Overview
  • Subscribe by the last day of the month to receive that months box. Renewals are on the 15th and all boxes ship between the 15-21st of the month.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Tamed Wild Box
Monthly delivery of magic & earth medicine. Each month is created around a theme and includes items for the earth spirited and the lovers of all things mystical and natural. Deliveries can include crystals, herbs & teas, ritual tools, altar items, jewelry, essential oils & other lifestyle pieces. Intention setting ritual included in each box.
  • $6 flat rate domestic shipping!
  • Grow your practice, craft and spiritual path with monthly intention setting rituals & tools
  • Each delivery includes 7-9 items including full sized products from our Apothecary
  • Learn the medicinal, magical, and historical properties of herbs, crystals and other earth items

Subscriber Reviews

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A beautiful box with great items

by Rachael V., 6 days ago

I received this box with intentions of it only being a one-month sample, but when it arrived, I knew I'd be subscribing for more. Containing not only items to be used for an included ritual, the items can also be used for other purposes or to be reused. I bought a candleholder for the ritual and sat out in my garage to complete it, and now keep my gorgeous spell bottle on my desk. I have used the flower blessing on another spell bottle already, and I drink the focus tea as a pleasant mid-day treat. (I love every tea I've gotten from Tamed Wild so far) The stones I received were gorgeous. The mookaite was probably my favorite, although the green quartz was gorgeous as well. My favorite item, though, is the citrine Tree of Life pendant. I wear it almost every day and I receive a lot of compliments on it when I go out. Although, as it didn't come with a necklace chain, it took me a while to find one I could use with it. However, it was so worth it, as I think it may be my favorite piece of jewelry I own. This box is fantastic and I can't wait to see what the next box's theme will be!

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Tamed Wild Box said...
4 days ago
Hi Rachael! This review really makes me feel good! Thank you so much for all of your kind words! This box was definitely a labor of love! I can’t for you to see what we have coming up!!


by Allison P., Feb 07, 2019

I am in awe of what I find in this box when it arrives. The packaging is so beautiful and deliberate. It fairly vibrates with the love and intention involved in its creation. I’m starting to look a bit like a rock hoarder — but I am at peace with that! Thank you so much. Blessings.

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Tamed Wild Box said...
Feb 08, 2019
Hi Allison! Thank you so much! Your review completely captures what we are working to achieve! (and don’t worry about looking like a rock hoarder, you should see my livingroom!)

Edited review

by Cailin A., Feb 05, 2019

I really felt compelled to leave an edited review of January’s “manifesting abundance” box. I just did the ritual tonight on the new moon and it turned out to be one of the more meaningful things I have done In weeks. I really had a lot of fun working with the items in the box. The intention jar and wax kit turned out to be way cooler than I expected. Deeply satisfying. Not to mention this is the night that I was able to “harvest” my purification elixir from last months box, and it turned out really really lovely. In previous reviews I might have been a bit critical of the value or logistics of the box. But after actually experiencing the rituals I felt compelled to say that this subscription really is worth every penny and It’s something that has become a staple in my self care/intention setting practices. So basically, Iv been humbled, the tamed Wild team knows what they’re doing lol.

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Tamed Wild Box said...
Feb 05, 2019
Hi Cailin! Wow! Thank you so much for not only taking the time to write this lovely update, but also letting us know how meaningful our rituals are to you and how much your got from each one during your practice. We definitely work hard to make unique and gratifying boxes-it is always so heartwarming to hear how they have touched our subscribers!
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