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4.6 of 5 stars
2nd of 3 boxes <3
by Chastity written yesterday
Both of my boxes have been great so far. I really like the scarf and tile coaster that came in this months box.
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Autumn Wild Medicine
by Pamela written 2 days ago
This box was so much better than last month in my opinion. I really loved all the items included in this box. Everything was relevant to the season and to herbal medicine. I am glad there was an information sheet included to explain each piece. I am so looking forward to next month’s box.
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Wild Medicine Box said...
Hello Pamela! Thank you for your kind words! We were really excited about this month box also! 😊 We appreciate your support and hope to continue to impress. xo
1st box out of 3 was great!
by Chastity written 5 days ago
It came with so many great items, I'm really looking forward to my next box.
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So cute!
by Julie written 6 days ago
I got mine a day early, and I subscribed for only one month to try it out but I'll be keeping my subscription for a while! It was so thoughtful and put together, with many useful items! Definitely above and beyond my expectations. The essential oil diffuser and the scarf were two of my favorite items from this box. Thanks a ton! ❤
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Wild Medicine Box said...
4 days ago
We are so happy you loved your box! This months was one of our favorites also! Thank you for your support and kind words.
Love love love
by Alexandria written Oct 12, 2018
I get so excited to receive my box every month!!
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by Janeen written Oct 06, 2018
I subscribed to the 3 month plan which breaks down with shipping to about $26 a month. This is my second box. The first box was not too bad, but the September box is a joke. First off, no sheet with descriptions of what's in the box or how to use it, this is one of the fun parts about subscription boxes, secondly they say that that they put in their most popular and loved items and if you have received an item before just to gift it to someone. I don't pay for these boxes to give my stuff away these boxes are for me. The stuff was cheap and not useful. A plain green candle? No thanks already have those. An empty bottle and an extremely ugly necklace. The only thing that was nice was the feather. After I get my final box I will be canceling my subscription. I get a few other magical boxes that are lovely and this one just does not stand out.
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Wild Medicine Box said...
Oct 11, 2018
Hi Janeen, Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry you did not like our September box-our theme was curated from emails into our customer support as well as social media posts of what was beloved throughout the last year. We chose items that we thought everyone would love to see again, or would love to give as a gift. I hope you find a subscription that better suits your needs.
Love it
by ReDonna written Oct 05, 2018
I got this for myself however when my daughter saw it she had to have it so I gave it to her. She really likes the Box!
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Wild Medicine Box said...
Oct 11, 2018
Hi ReDonna, I am SO excited your daughter loves the box! Hopefully you get to enjoy some of the goodies also!!
magically delightful
by Mary written Oct 04, 2018
this is my first subscription box... My husband tried a couple here and there more for his taste but this is the first time something I picked out... money is super tight.. we older couple living off of it fixed income... my husband has been fighting cancer for a couple years, he's a disabled veteran and I'm his full-time caregiver.. I was diagnosed with cancer myself this Spring... I they I got it all but apparently it's returned.. what started out as what they thought was squamous cell carcinoma on my nose turned out to be a rare form of sebaceous gland cancer... My sense of smell is iffy and everything smells off... for a while I actually lost my sense of smell... certain things do smell wonderful including the teas in this box... When I received my first box one of the stones broke open the glass jar of tea... So I emailed them obviously somethings are not broke, you can't break a stone really.. I mean yes you can but then you have two instead of one LOL... I emailed them and they sent me a whole new box I even specifically said they don't need everything... but they still sent me a complete box.. The second box was amazing... Don't get me wrong the first box is pretty good... But the second box really outshined... I'm guessing obviously there's going to be some months that are going to be better than others... But that's just the way things go... I think this would be a great box for anyone looking to do things a little off mainstream... I'm fed up with conventional medicine although I'm continuing to do so but I wanted to reach out to some alternative choices too... not that I expect the cure for my cancer to arrive in a box but you never know..lol.. nonetheless it's something to look forward to something wonderfully magical... money's tight it's well worth it... The only thing I would have to say on the downside and it's not that big a deal is- I don't know what some of the stuff is for either... I'm guessing they probably go with what's handy at the moment maybe I don't know but it would be nice to include maybe better instructions although I'm sure I can figure that out... If I can't then I can still just make it work .. but thank you for the replacement box it was wonderful... I was unsure what to do cuz I've never had any situation where something arrived like this... The second box was packed a little better I do think... just guessing it was different items in it was quite a bit to it a lot to it infact.. my recommendation is if you get a subscription to this and you don't particularly find everything agreeable well wait a month may be pleasantly surprised... Stay with you guys at least for a while if you start up and unless its something absolutely dislike about it but I can't see that... and besides so pictures are representative of what I have seen... I do have to look up this one thing I have no clue what it is... LOL but it's an adventure I'm going to enjoy trying to figure out... Thank you again... if you're somebody just kind of considering it I would go for this I think you would be more than happy
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Wild Medicine Box said...
Oct 11, 2018
Hi Mary! It was a pleasure working with you and making sure you got exactly what you wanted! Thank you so much for the kind words!
by Diane written Oct 03, 2018
To many things no details about what items are.
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Wild Medicine Box said...
Oct 09, 2018
Hi Diane, Thank you for your feedback! The parchment included with the box directed you to our website for information on the items because it box was a little different for September. I am sorry this wasn’t made more clear!
Beautiful and wondrous
by ReDonna written Sep 30, 2018
This box so over exceeded my expectations!
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Wild Medicine Box said...
Oct 01, 2018
Hi ReDonna, Yay!! We are happy you loved this month’s box!!
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