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Quality tea

Feb 08, 2020
Jody F.
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Subscribed for 2 months

I've tried a few different tea subscription boxes and I really like this one. The ingredients seem to be high quality and there is a good variety. For example, I wasn't a big fan of cacao tea, but found out that I absolutely love cherry rose green. That's the beauty of a variety box! You get to find a new favorite :)

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Tea Sparrow said...Feb 10, 2020

Hi Jody, we're so glad! Cherry Rose Green is one of our favourites too. :) Thanks so much for the lovely review and hope you enjoy the rest of your teas!

Customer Service Issues

Feb 27, 2019
Nancy T.
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For the last few months, I have had no issue with this company, but since December I can't get any answer from them when I email them or even call. I am trying to cancel my subscription as I am just trying to cut back on the amount of subscription boxes I receive, but I can't get any help at all. I can't even access my account on their website. I got charged on January 23rd for February, but as of yet, I am still waiting on my products. Otherwise, I really liked the quality of the teas I have received from them, but their customer service (or lack thereof) is irritating me and is another reason behind my cancelling.

Tea Sparrow said...Nov 08, 2019

Hi Nancy, we're so sorry we had such a difficult time communicating back and forth! Although this had already been resolved over email (months ago!) we're only seeing this now and wanted to respond. Hopefully you enjoyed your teas and the full refund made it a less frustrating experience!

Really good to find new teas!

Feb 22, 2019
Jason T.
1 Review

Tea Sparrow gets teas from other creators, rather than mixing them themselves. So unlike other some boxes, you can order more of a tea you really enjoy because the brand's website is listed on the packaging.

One of the main benefits for me was getting to try expensive brands that I couldn't justify buying normally. You're basically getting trials of different teas. Tea blends vary in their price point, but sometimes you get some really expensive ones in there. I found a really wonderful, special tea that I would have never tried otherwise because of the price.

The price seems to have gone up since I was subscribed, but I still think it's worth the cost. I only stopped subscribing because there was often a tea with mint in it and I'm allergic.

Tea Sparrow said...Nov 08, 2019

We're so glad to hear you enjoyed the teas, but so sorry to hear about your allergy! Please know that we are happy to exclude any problematic ingredients in tea boxes, whether it's an allergy or not. Thanks so much for the lovely review!

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