Terra Create Craft Subscription

Terra Create Craft Subscription

by Dream Maker Creative
DIY Maker Kits for teens and adults to learn real artisan craft skills through fun projects.

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$36.00/ month

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Shipping takes months

Jan 04, 2022
Daniel P.
1 Review
Subscribed for 1 month

Waited for over a month. The package never arrived. It was purchased as a Christmas gift. Canceled the order due to it not arriving in time for the holiday

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Dream Maker Creative said...Jan 04, 2022

We have responded directly to this customer and refunded their order. This order was cancelled immediately by the customer on same day it was placed. Which confused us, so we contacted them twice to clarify. Usually this quick of a cancellation means the customer changed their mind and does not want it at all. Turns out this customer really did want it. We never received any response and had no other way to contact them. So the order has been on hold. We figured they'd reach out eventually to ask where's my package or where's my refund and then we'd know which action to take. Customer service is a top priority but it's true we don't have phone support as it's not feasible for...

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