A Mommy and Me Box by The Dashing Squad

A Mommy and Me Box by The Dashing Squad

by The-Dashing-Squad
A Mommy and Me Box. Organic & Eco-friendly Products for Moms and Little Ones

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$58.33/ box

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Not worth it.

Apr 20, 2022
September F.
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So after shipping this box cost me $53.13 per box and I got the 6 boxes over 12 months. I was so excited for this box really thought it would be ideal for what I like and my kids would enjoy it. Unfortunately the value is not there, the total of all the products was $51.43. Looking at past boxes I was hoping this would be perfect and I’d at least be getting a curation that would be over what I paid per box but I guess not. I also didn’t expect food to be in there, kinda thought this was geared towards kids. I have a gluten free home so I had to regift a lot of the box. Hoping the next one is better.

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The-Dashing-Squad said...Apr 23, 2022

Hi Mrs. Fore,
We are sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with the box. We only work with small businesses and we charge a very minimal shipping fee for every box so we try our best to give the best value to our customers and continue to keep our principles as a company such as sourcing ethically produced items. We are proud to have exceptional customer service and we would have been happy to address any concerns or dissatisfaction. We'll send you an email to see if you would like a replacement of the items that were not suitable for yourself or your family. Thank you for your feedback.

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