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It's Happy Hour delivered to your door! Seasonal Craft Cocktail box

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The only true craft cocktail box in the market

We all enjoy good cocktails, and even more so Craft Cocktails -but not everyone is good at making them or seems too difficult... well not anymore, Jolly Hour its a seasonal Craft Cocktail subscription box that makes it easy for you and yours to create Craft Cocktails at home, as easy as squeeze, pour, shake and enjoy!
  • Every season we release 5 new craft cocktail boxes based on a different spirit that you can choose from. When you subscribe to our membership, you get to choose your 3 favorite boxes that you would like to receive in the season month to month.
  • We have selected only the best and freshest local ingredients that are in the peak of season to ensure the best flavor in our recipes.
  • Unique and original flavor combinations that you wont find anywhere else, from our reductions to our bitters to the garnishes everything, has been especially crafted and created for you!
  • All of our boxes will come with all of the ingredients, garnishes and instructions needed to make 3 separate cocktail recipes using just 1 main spirit.
  • Every cocktail box will only require 1 bottle of alcohol and each cocktail recipe will make 4 cocktails so you will be able to make 12 total cocktails with the box that you purchase.

Customer Questions (2)


Q: Does the box come with the alcohol? If so, what brands do you get?Asked by Diane P., April 2022

The Jolly Hour answered...April 2022

We do not ship the alcohol, quite a few states donโ€™t allow the shipping of the alcohol, also thatโ€™s the easiest ingredient to find, all the cool ingredients will be already on your box.
Every cocktail box will only require 1 bottle of alcohol and each cocktail recipe (3 different ones per box) will make 4 cocktails so you get a total of 12 cocktails per box! Also all our recipes can be made without Alcohol.


Q: What Alcoa is needed for the December basket?Asked by Jane M., December 2021

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Reviews (26)

Iโ€™ve tried other boxes and itโ€™s the best

Nov 07, 2021
A. A.
1 Review

I love the jolly hour!!! I have tried other boxes before and itโ€™s by far the best, great flavours 14 cocktails and what I like itโ€™s really a craft cocktail experience.

Love the handmade ingredients & flavors!

Nov 06, 2021
Romi S.
1 Review

I have tried other cocktail boxes and nothing compares to this one, they truly make all the ingredients and the flavors are beyond amazing the cocktails are super tasty and easy to make, itโ€™s addictive how good they are and the best part you can make them without alcohol as well, highly recommended!

Totally worth it... love it!

Oct 29, 2021
1 Review

Such a fun way to start the weekend!

Great way to reconnect with friends!

Oct 18, 2021
Trent M.
1 Review

This is the perfect solution for having some people while the bars are still closed or just a great way to reconnect with friends. I have friends spread out across the country, so this is a great reason to all grab a Jolly Hour box and have some cocktails over Zoom."
"To begin with, the packaging is amazing. All ingredients come in small glass jars, tinctures, or vacuum sealed packaging for the dried goods. They are very well organized, properly labeled, and contain easy to follow instructions for making the actual cocktails. You can tell that the ingredients are all of high quality upon tasting it, finding it hard not to smack your lips after your first sip. Each box comes with directions for 3 cocktails, so the variety is great. The 'rum box' has been my personal favorite but my fiancรฉ and myself have thoroughly enjoyed all of the boxes."
"If you're looking for a high quality fun hour to spend with some loved ones, this is a fantastic option. It is obvious that great thought and care have been put into these boxes by their owners.

Itโ€™s worth ever penny.

Oct 15, 2021
1 Review

It was an amazing besides that every label itโ€™s carefully make it, itโ€™s IG friendly and the taste itโ€™s just great itโ€™s not the average cocktail that I have tried in other boxes and itโ€™s worth for your money, I have used for my guests in a small gathering and just me and my Bf and itโ€™s worth ever penny.

I got the box and OMG

Oct 14, 2021
Sofia A.
1 Review

So ok, I got the box and omg. The craftsman of the whole process ๐Ÿ˜ฎ blew my mind. I was hesitating, but every penny is worth it. Me and my husband have now a Friday night ritual

Love the Cocktail Kit!

Oct 08, 2021
Maria T.
1 Review

Best Craft Cocktails ever!

You can make cocktails w or w/o alcohol!

Sep 24, 2021
Paulina A.
1 Review

This box is perfect for us, You can make the cocktails with and without alcohol, so nobody feels left out, we always canโ€™t wait to receive the next box! โค๏ธ

Love this box!

Sep 19, 2021
Coco L.
1 Review

I consider my self a very picky person when it comes in what I choose to eat or drink, I decided buy the Jolly Hour box because I saw, that the ingredients were done by hand, and its a small company (husband and wife) and I love supporting small companies, something that I liked is that all the ingredients are natural, they don't use preservatives and they use in season fruits so its nice to know you are having a tasty cocktail made with what is current in the season (always tastes the best) and I think that stands out a lot. Each box makes 12 cocktails so you have enough and its fun! (trust me I almost made the whole box one day, it was fun ๐Ÿ‘Œ) What I saw in the other cocktail boxes is that everything is pre-fabricated so nothing is fresh or really hand made or they are just tossing someones products or merchandise so you can create a cocktail so I guess is a completely different experience if you do Jolly Hour which are more Craft Cocktails, anyway loved the box and the experience and I totally recommend it, if you are looking to create some tasty craft cocktails!

Packaging and ingredients are AMAZING!!!

Sep 18, 2021
Christina M.
1 Review

Jolly Hour is such a cool concept and the packaging and ingredients are AMAZING!!! Highly recommend!!

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Past boxes from Jolly Hour - Seasonal Boxesโ€ฆ

Tequila Box

Tequila Box

Tequila the spirit that hails from the blue agave plant, It cures the common cold. That's what doctors in 1930s Mexico said, anyway. We are happy to introduce you our specially crafted Tequila box for you in this box you will be able to create our 3 different recipes that can be used with the main spirit Tequila: There will be blood orange, They call me Mellow Yellow and Cool hand cute

Rum Box

Rum Box

Rum offers what we humbly believe is one of the tastiest and most complex flavor profiles out there, we crafted this box for those who canโ€™t resist a good rum craft cocktail! Recipes Included in this box: Divide and Conquer, Some Like it Hot and The Fortune Teller

Whiskey Box

Whiskey Box

We take you on a journey of your favorites cocktails but with a twist, enjoy amazing aromas and unique ingredients that will create the perfect balance for whiskey, all while enjoying the comfort of your own home. In this box you will find our 3 different recipes that can be used with the main spirit Whiskey: Billows in the Air, The Bitter Botanist and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Vodka Box

Vodka Box

What we love about Vodka is its versatility, in this box we have created a spin off some classics with our crafted and unique ingredients for you to enjoy every sip of it! You will find the following recipes in our Vodka Box: Put the Petal to the Kettle, Seeds Of Spring and Down in Kokomo

Gin Box

Gin Box

If you are not a fan of Gin, this will defenitly make you one! The aromas, the herbs and all the ingredients that we have put together for this box, creates the perfect balance between flavors of the season to enjoy the craft cocktail that you been craving for! Recipes Included in this box: Lips Like Sugar, Papaya Donโ€™t Preach and The Secret Garden

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