The Witches Bounty by The Witches Moon™
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This box continues to amaze me!!!

by Jocelyn T., Jan 09, 2019

January's Bounty box is absolutely amazing! The featured aquamarine pendant is delicate and breathtakingly beautiful! I wish the subscription included a special tea or an additional oracle/tarot card but I love the box as it is and always look forward to receiving these stunning pendants!

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by Leticia S., Dec 25, 2018

I subscribed to the witches moon box a couple of months ago, and I fell in love. I just got the witches moon bounty as a Christmas present and it is the most gorgeous box I have ever seen. That pendant! the little candle! the oil! everything... I cannot wait to see what they send us next month. Keep up the AMAZING work.

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by Allison M., Dec 15, 2018

I was subscribed last December when this box launched for their first 4 months and I loved it but I unfortunately had to take a break for financial reasons and cancelled. I resubscribed with October being my first box since returning and everything described in that box & the contents within brought me to tears because it was exactly what I needed in that exact moment of my life. And then November rolled around and it was the same thing all over again. I don't know how they do it, all I do know is that there is definitely some potent magick working behind the scenes and being delivered from one witch to another. I'll never let this service slip away from me again!!

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Be Still My Heart ❤️

by Katie J., Nov 12, 2018

This is the most amazing box! I look forward to it every month & wear them every day.
Thank you for such beautiful and magical product, not to mention great customer service.
The best of the subscription world - hands down!!

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Truly Magical!

by Jocelyn T., Oct 02, 2018

I am truly amazed at this month’s collection. Each item is gorgeous and I feel nourished to my very soul during this time of changing seasons and reflection. The centerpiece of the September box is a Sumatra amber pendant. This glowing teardrop jewel is the embodiment of warmth and autumnal light – a perfect echo of Earth’s past.

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by Kelly R., Sep 08, 2018

So first of all when I got my box it smells so warm and spicy, they did a great packaging and captured all the right colors for this months box. I received a stunning sumatra amber pendant and it’s beyond my words. The oil smells so warm, the candle is beautiful and the stone is amazing. They also sent me inscense with charcoal burner and I’m just blown away by this box, I definitely recommend subscribing!
Thank you so much for blowing me away with your wonderful work

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by Lee L., May 02, 2018

My first box included the Desert Rose Druzy Quartz Pendant. So beautiful. Such a calming energy. I have many crystal pendants and every day since receiving this beautiful stone, I automatically reach for it. I find people are drawn to it and either ask about it or compliment it. The oil, as always, is Divine. And my pink tourmaline is coming with me on a long trip coming up because she just seems to make me feel better when I am anxious. I paid for this box but it felt more like a gift. Thank you Witches Moon. Can't wait for my next box!

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Absolutely Gorgeous Pendants

by Cory A., Apr 07, 2018

I have received 4 boxes so far and all of them were beautifully packaged and contained stunning pendants and high quality oils along with some pretty crystals. I've opened the April box today and it was such a wonderful surprise. This box is by far my favorite out of all of them. When I saw the desert drusy pendant, I almost cried. This loving energy came over me and I immediately knew that this crystal pendant was a powerhouse just as the description had described. I know that this pendant will help me greatly with my spiritual work. It has a million sparkles every time I look at it. It's a beauty and even though I paid for it, it still feels like a total gift and like it was hand picked just for me. There's been some amazing synchronicities with these boxes. They never disappoint.

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Beautiful box

by Jessica D., Mar 28, 2018

I just received my first box and really enjoyed the items we got. There was a gorgeous quartz wand necklace as well as this very soft, light blue turquoise stone that I'm looking forward to working with, and I'm obsessed with anointing oils so I was excited to see that in the box as well. Very beautiful box, thank you.

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by Allison M., Jan 27, 2018

Both the December & January boxes we gorgeous. They both paired with The Witches Moon subscription beautifully. I look forward to continuing this subscription.

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