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Quarterly Luxury Book Subscription for those with Wanderlust that want to give back

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The Wordy Traveler -Books to inspire and give back
The Wordy Traveler is a luxury book subscription for those with Wanderlust. Each quarter your curated box will transport you to an amazing destination with three books, ethically-sourced premium tea and a limited edition fine art print. A portion of the proceeds from every box will be given to help educate women and girls across the world.
  • Three curated books featuring the very best from travel writers and explorers
  • Fine art print from emerging travel photographers
  • Ethically-sourced premium tea
  • A portion of the proceeds from every single box will given to charities that help women and girls have access to education.
  • Featured in In Style Magazine as one of the Top 12 subscriptions that give to charity
Subscriber Reviews
4.5 of 5 stars
Nice Packaging Nice Box
by Amanda written 2 days ago
From the photos this box looked really interesting. It looked like lots of wonderful fiction novels about places and life in many different countries. What I got was an award winning book on the finer points of Russian communism that was basically a book of interviews. I was indeed highly disappointed. Firstly, I am not in 6th grade. I am a grown up adult woman. I have studied communism in depth. I myself a bit of a democratic socialist Scandinavian style. I have traveled all over the world and if this is the best they can do on Russia, I am really not interested in continueing this subscription. What I liked about the box was the packaging. Someone put care into the packaging and design so as to present something fairly nicely pulled together. I do appreciate that greatly. It was a treat to dig through so nicely packaged as it was. What I got in the box other than the book was some strange cheap egg (maybe plastic???) and some little medal not sure what. The tea looks fabulous though and is clearly not cheap. The book too though the subject matter is very disappointing was new and in wonderful condition. It even won some literary award. I just am not interested personally in hearing people preach at me about communism. Other people may very much enjoy the subject matter and for them this box might be quite a hit.
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Stuck the landing beautifully
by Lindsay written 3 months ago
So the first box I got from The Wordy Traveler actually had an issue with it. The glass had broken inside of the box and had carved up everything inside. When I contacted The Wordy Traveler about it, they were /incredibly/ responsive and provided some of the best customer service I've seen in years. It's rare for a company or service provider to take a bad experience and turn it into an amazing one which makes The Wordy Traveler something special. Beyond that, I loved the books and the gifts that were in my box this month. I would highly recommend going for the larger box. It's worth it.
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by Britta written 6 months ago
Tea and books, two of my favorite things!
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