*Monthly Outdoor Box

*Monthly Outdoor Box

by Timber Edge Outdoors
A monthly outdoor box that contains a variety of outdoor items specific to the month and season.

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$39.99/ month

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Not for me

Jan 16, 2022
William G.
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Subscribed for 2 months

I subscribed because I like the outdoors and getting unusual gear. I was disappointed when I received a box of only clothing, shirt. Socks and knit hat, and two single pack of antifog wipes. I don't sign up for clothing but if they send me a knit hat and the reset was various other pieces of gear I would be fine but it felt like a box for a homeless guy.
I also don't like waiting a month for my package to ship once I paid for it. In all fairness they are clear about when payment is made and when they ship but it bugged me that it was so long to ship. It's like they get your money and then go shopping.
This is not a bad box, it just had to many little thing that bug me personally so I moved on to another box subscription.

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