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The Tales of the Courcelle family - Receive a Tale at your Doorstep - FREE SHIPPING

by The Tales of the Courcelle family
Play a monthly escape room-style game: Unbox their tales, experience their mysterious past!
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The Tales of the Courcelle family

Discover the tales of the Courcelle family. Each box represents one family member's tale. Each member has something burdensome to share. Live their experience, live their fear, live their accomplishment. 1.5-3 hours of game. Some of the games involve outdoor activities.

  • What is a Tale? A tale is an escape game-like that we will monthly send you to your doorstep. Each tale is told by a member of the family Courcelle, coming from France. Each of them experienced an incredible past, with difficult situations, that they will make you live. The story is played like an escape game at home. Live the tale with your family, your partner, your friends. The tales are conceived by an experienced game expert, who develops games for professional team-building events.
  • How long is each Tale? A tale, i.e. a box will last from 1 to 3 hours. It depends on how easily you succeed in doing riddles. Beware, some of them are tough. They might need you to spend several minutes, if not hours before you find a solution. Will you be able to succeed? Besides, some boxes have several endings depending on the choices you make in their storyline. If you're curious, you can re-play, to find these completely different paths.
  • What is inside the box for me? Each box has all the required materials for a tale: Instruction to get into the game, a dozen elements related to the storyline. These elements include letters, illustrations, notes. They are part of the riddles that you will face. They can all be reusable, in case if you want to discover the story once again, or in case you want to give your used box to your friends.
  • Is a device required? Yes, you will require an Android/Apple device. We recommend you use a tablet, but a phone will work perfectly fine. The box will include clear instructions on which app to use, so you can experience the Tale at its best with riddles, ambiance, interaction with real life. Some of the Tales have an outdoor part. It will require you to bring your device outside.
  • Who we are? The question should rather be "who am I?". I'm Ivan, a French-Indonesian living in Estonia. I'm a game expert for team-building events. I develop them, and I provide consulting for event companies. I decided to apply this knowledge to provide you some joyful experiences through the tales of the Courcelle family.

Customer Questions (3)


Q: Can the courcel game be played for my 10 and 12 yo children?Asked by Eric A., May 2021

The Tales of the Courcelle family answered...May 2021

Hi Kevin!
Definitely. The game content is made quite easy to understand for players over 8~10 years old. Although a few riddles are tough (especially for the Dark Mansion box), they can succeed. And in the worst case, they can ask their parents.
In my own experience, I even noticed that children or teenagers were usually the most immersed in the universe of the games that I provided.


Q: What is the recommended number of players for these?Asked by Anna M., June 2021

The Tales of the Courcelle family answered...June 2021

Hello Anna, we recommend between 2 and 4 people to play. However, if you are more than 4, you can split and make them play at different times. This can be even better for the boxes that have a story with different endings. Ivan


Q: Hello, do you ship to the US (Austin,TX) ? Asked by Alexandre K., May 2021

The Tales of the Courcelle family answered...May 2021

Hi Alexandre!
Yes, we do ship to Texas, as well as all the US and Canada.
Please note that the delivery time might be a little bit long currently (10-21 normal days); we know that the US customs are sometimes taking up to 2 weeks of clearance for parcels coming from Europe (due to the COVID19). However, this happens less and less with time. Ivan
EDIT: The last shipment to the US was made in 8 days. It seems that the customs clearance is smoother now.

Reviews (2)

Awesome outdoor game!

Aug 14, 2021
Paradize E.
1 Review
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Great game. We played it with a friend. At first, I was a bit apprehensive about a "subscription box" that offers an outdoor experience. Surprisingly, it works well. The riddles are not too complicated, but the storyline is a delight.
It's good to note that at first, I had an issue with the box: it arrived a bit destroyed because of the packaging. They took it into account and sent me a new box afterward. Very reactive and professional. Thanks

Great surprise ! I definitely recommend

Jun 04, 2021
Verified Purchase
Eric A.
1 Review
1 Picture
Subscribed for 1 month

I played this with my partner as a date night game. We loved it! 2 hours of riddles solving under pressure. Some of them are quite tough, but doable. The universe is pretty deep, with a storytelling uncovering itself, virtual room after virtual room. The end of the story of the first box was quite shocking. I definitely recommend. Can’t wait for the next box!

The Tales of the Courcelle family said...Jun 08, 2021

Thanks Eric! :-) I'm super glad that your partner and you loved it. I hope you'll appreciate the next box. You will have a little bit less pressure, but a lot of exploration! Ivan

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