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Not impressed
by Stephanie written Dec 29, 2016
I purchased this box and I'm giving it two starts because shipping was so fast witch is good. I got my first months box and I got 6 snacks I expected more but whatever. The main reason for my complain is they said the treats were from South Africa but I'm Brazilian and the box had Brazilian chocolate... so made me question if the rest of the snacks were actually from South Africa. I hate being played and I feel like I got played.
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No Response
by Amy written Dec 13, 2016
I bought a 6 month subscription as a gift and have only received one gift. I have tried to call and email for information and have gotten no response. Not sure if this is legitimate, or if I have been scammed.
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treats :)
by Kathleen written Oct 07, 2016
Love the idea, they send a nice card of where the treats are from. I got 8 treats, some were the same but I didn’t mind because they were so good. I live in Canada I order on a Thursday night and the box was there the following week Thursday. They ship right as your order comes in AMAZING. I would suggest this but not if you live out of the country.
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Good Stuff
by Rebecca written Jul 27, 2016
The contents and quality of them was outstanding. Loved it.
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Can't get any better than this!
by Patricia written Mar 09, 2016
Amazing selection of snacks coupled with superb customer service. And they had a box from where I am from and that's definitely a plus for me! Customer service is A++ and was definitely a personalized one.
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Very Good Snacks
by Richard written Mar 06, 2016
I thought it was really Great it was shipped fast,The snacks were good and it was a very interesting thing to experience. if u have the money and wanna try this i highly recomend it.
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Absolutely Amazing!
by Dylan written Jan 20, 2016
Not only was the box of treats amazing, what really wowed me with Treats was the customer service. Along the way of ordering there were a few quirks, but they were met with an understanding person on the other end rather than a fill-in-the-blank form or anything like that. All in all I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is interested, because on top of the customer service, the treats themselves were very good and well-selected, and in good portions.
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by Amber written Sep 18, 2015
Just got my first box, full size items I would have never been able to try at such an affordable price! I actually liked all of my treats, nothing went to waste, which is super rare with subscription boxes. It's just a lovely service that definitely needs more recognition. Thanks!
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by Amanda written Aug 26, 2015
Treats is a very lovely and downright FUN snack box. Forget single pieces of candy, you'll get the entire bag. I have purchased and enjoyed the August Treats box extremely well. There was nothing too bland or too weirdly exotic either. The box is absolutely stuffed full of hard to find, very tasty cookies, candies, chips and other delights. I am a snacker more than I am a meal eater, and I've tried many snack subscription boxes in the past 4 and a half years. This is my favorite box and I liked it so much that I wrote the founder and told him how outstanding " Treats" is. A couple of things makes this box different from other snack boxes which offer international treats: Treats does not throw in loose candies but has multi- servings in the original packaging, and they also send an information card which details what the treats are and what county it comes from. Many international snack sub. boxes do not hand select and pack their boxes and the difference is evident. I hope you will try and enjoy " Treats" as much as I do. Thank you for reading my review, and happy Treating.
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by Andrew written Aug 26, 2015
I love Treats. Every box is full of surprises -- stuff I've certainly never tried before. Really cool products and a great value $-wise.
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