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Unboxing the Bizarre

Delivering items themed from bizarre holidays around the world!

$19.95+ / month
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  • We ship around the 23rd of every month. Please order by the 10th to get the current box.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
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Delivering items themed from bizarre holidays around the world!

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Unbox the Bizarre!
There's a celebration for almost every day of the year! Your Unboxing the Bizarreā„¢ box comes filled with items to celebrate the wild, wacky, and just downright bizarre holidays that don't get the mainstream attention that they deserve. 3 Boxes to choose from - the Original Holiday, the Bizarre Bibliotheca, and Mini Holiday.
  • Original Standard Holiday Box: 4 items based on 4 holidays
  • Bizarre Bibliotheca Box: a themed book and goodies based on an offbeat holiday
  • Mini Holiday (Trial Box): 1 to 2 items from our Original Box
  • Type of items will vary depending on the holiday theme - Donation to charity for every 500 new subscribers!

Subscriber Reviews

Like the idea, not the execution

by Jennifer, Jul 08, 2018

I received two boxes and both boxes had themes that were of just no interest to me (The Beatles and UFO/Alien Abductions). I ended up donating all the items, they were of no use or interest to me. May be of for some people, just not me.

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Unboxing the Bizarre said...
Jul 09, 2018
We are sorry that you did not like the themes of the particular boxes you received. We strive to provide well curated boxes and find books that receive high ratings on popular rating sites. We hope that you still found the items of quality and do appreciate that you donated your items and helped local charities. We will be reaching out to you by email as we like to receive feedback and suggestions on how our boxes can best relate to our subscribers.

Not my kind of treasure, but cute.

by Tiana, Nov 26, 2016

Everything that showed up was good quality, but not my style. (Except the awesome Back to the Future shirt my husband loves.)

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