Urban Organic Gardener

Seeds & Garden Supplies curated just for you and shipped at just the right time of the season

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Product Overview
  • We ship out on the 5th of every month! #urbanorganicgardener
  • Only ships within United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Urban Organic Gardener's (UOG) Monthly Seed Club
Each month you will receive a curated collection of heirloom seeds and garden supplies. Includes EVERYTHING you need. Seeds and garden supplies are delivered to you at just the right time of the season. Seeds are hand selected and specific to your garden-type, location, and grow zone (determined by your shipping zip code/postal code).
  • Pure 100% Non-GMO Garden Seeds
  • 5 Seed Packs Each Month
  • Seed Starter Soil Pods
  • Plant Markers/Labels
  • Epsom Salt Soil Fertilizer Pack
Subscriber Reviews
4.1 of 5 stars
Urban Organic Gardener: March Box
by Sarah Ragsdale written 2 years ago
About to become a gardening pro with Urban Organic Gardener. Really excited by my first delivery!Synopsis
Full Review
by Caitlyn written 18 days ago
Keep in mind, I'm currently unemployed. I was billed for September and I still haven't received anything. I have emailed them three times now, and still no response. Thank you for taking my money. I was hoping for seeds to grow food for my family.
this is an amazing service
by AngelHale written 2 months ago
I was pleasantly surprised when I received my first package! At first I was worried that it was gonna be a huge bulky package, but it fit right in my tiny mail box!! It's comes with everything you need to get the seeds to sprouts!! And the veggies! Oh my goodness they are sooooooo good! My beans and lettuce are absolutely delicious!!!! I love this service! I'd recommend it to anyone that actually likes growing their own food. Comes with a great selection too! Beans, lettuces, herbs, fruits and so much more! Ever crate you get has a good variety! I'd 5 star but there's words in the way on my phone :(
Totally worth it!
by Lindsay written 2 months ago
This is mail you can get excited about! They send you a wide variety of seeds that cater to your specific growing conditions and include everything you will need to get planting! I highly recommend it for gardeners of all levels.
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