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Save money. Save paper. Used Books Monthly.

Get a fun book surprise in the mail every month! We believe books should continue to be circulated and that an author's work should endure. We select the best quality used books randomly from our inventory based on your selected genres. Every shipment is unique and may contain your next favorite book! -2 book envelope $8.49 -4 book box $16.99
  • Your books are hand selected based on your selected genres and reading preferences.
  • Only used books meeting our quality standards are sent.
  • We find new readers for used books, keeping author's work in circulation.
  • Keep the books you love, and pass the others on to someone who will!

Customer Questions (100)


Q: how do I change genres in the gently used books category? I purchased it as a gift, and the recipient doesnt like the genre I chose.Asked by Rosemarie D., March 2021

Used Books Monthly answered...April 2021

Hi! Thank you for your question! To change your choices, you need to contact our wonderful customer service representative, Vickie at


Q: Hello, emailed twice and asked on FB, but no answer. I signed up mid-May and read that the first shipment is sent by the 5th of each month, but when I check the status it still says curating. Help?Asked by Noelle K., June 2020

Used Books Monthly answered...October 2021

Please contact support and they will be happy to resolve any issues. We have updated our systems and staffing over time and have been up to date on shipments.

Because of what's going on right now it may take a little longer

by Mickey S., June 2020


Q: How will I be able to choose or change the genre of books sent to me?Asked by Dee D., January 2021

Used Books Monthly answered...May 2021

They are chosen at checkout. To change them later, you simply reach out to us via e-mail with the changes you would like to make.


Q: Is there a way to change the genre preferences? I accidentally picked self help instead of sci fi.Asked by Dragon S., January 2021

Used Books Monthly answered...May 2021

Yes, send an e-mail to our support address with the changes you would like to make and we will get it handled.
Thank you,

Reviews (397)

Personalized Selections Were Spot On!

May 07, 2023
Verified Purchase
Molly B.
4 Reviews
1 Picture
5 Helpful
Subscribed for 1 month

I was thrilled with the selections inside my box. The curators very clearly read the information I provided and thoughtfully selected books just for me! The books are older and used, but in very very good condition. I am very satisfied with my choice for a book subscription, out of the many options here on Cratejoy, and look forward to future shipments!

Wonderful service from an excellent team

Aug 04, 2023
Verified Purchase
Annaliese P.
1 Review
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 7 months

Used Books Monthly has really helped me step out of my comfort zone and allowed me to reevaluate what I enjoy as a reader. I also can’t speak highly enough of the team, as they were so quick to help me when out when I had an issue with the shipment of my order. All in all, a great service from great people. I highly recommend!

First box

Aug 27, 2023
Verified Purchase
Kymberli R.
2 Reviews
2 Pictures
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 8 days

This is my first box from this subscription and I selected fantasy and science fiction books. There are pros and cons to this box.
The Good parts are that the shipping was really fast, the books are reasonably priced (I did the 2 book subscription) and the books themselves were in perfect condition minus a few areas that let you know they were used. These weren't anything off-putting, just a few crinkles on the book jacket of one novel, and a small tear on the spine of the paperback.
The bad part is that neither of the two books I received fell into the fantasy or science fiction categories I selected, which is awkward. The paperback was a satire/allegory and the other was a regular fiction novel (think The Da Vinci Code) that had a few vampires thrown in to make the story somewhat supernatural. The book was actually a thriller.
One thing I kept in mind when I ordered my box was that the books might not be something I'd be interested in reading, and that the company can only work with the books they have at their disposal. That being said, I'm not sure how I ended up with books in genres other than what I selected. At the time of ordering I also provided the names of authors I typically read, as well as some sub-genres, in the hopes that that might help the curators.
I'll try the box again in the hopes that I get books in the genres I...

We love it!

Jun 07, 2023
Verified Purchase
Bre B.
1 Review
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 1 month

This subscription was definitely the best thing I’ve ever spent my hard earned money. My girlfriend is a true book lover. I initially bought it to avoid the book store EVERY WEEKEND.. but now I look forward to see how she lights up at the selections sent on a monthly basis. She reads a lot so I was worried that’s she’d be sent several books that she had already read. Every book so far is new to her!
Well worth it!!

Awesome Subscription!

Jun 13, 2023
Verified Purchase
Amanda W.
1 Review
Subscribed for 16 days

This box was awesome! I’m so excited for my next one. I got some interesting reads along with one from my favorite author. They even sent me an extra book for my first box.

First book box

Jun 22, 2023
Verified Purchase
Jon N.
1 Review
Subscribed for 11 days

I liked both book selections I received. Excoted to start reading them.

Surprisingly excellent!

May 10, 2023
Verified Purchase
Maggie M.
1 Review
Subscribed for 5 days

My first shipment is a home run! Fast shipping, great choices!

Thoughtful curation

Mar 30, 2023
Verified Purchase
Emily R.
1 Review
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 months

I genuinely believe these curators pick better books for me than I do for myself. Every one has been a hit so far!

Enjoying greatly!

Mar 29, 2023
Laura S.
1 Review

I am enjoying getting surprise books in the mail through this monthly subscription! I have gotten 4 boxes so far and only the last one had me a little puzzled about the choices. I have not read the books yet so it might turn out great but based on the titles and covers one seems a bit outside the normal choice. I look forward to getting more books though!

Ahhh Please Blow Me Away In My Next One

May 21, 2023
Verified Purchase
Amanda W.
1 Review
Subscribed for 10 days

Overall I think this was a fabulous deal and a great packaged box. I do however think many of the books I received didn’t fit my description or preference. I do read a lot so I will look outside my comfort zone. BUT I do think getting a 1995 book was a little crazy. It’s in great condition and luckily I do use these in my house as decor.
Unfortunately I don’t think anyone read my preferences because the books I received don’t fit at all. I could understand 3/4 fitting and one being crazy to get me out of my normal comfort zone—this shipment is more of a 0/4. None of the books have an over 4.0 on Goodreads, but I will give them all a shot.
I just hope they get more recent as with this old of a used book collection I’m seriously better off at a library.

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