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Delivering handmade products by artisans from a new country every month!
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Travel the world with us!

Wanderkarma Artisan Box is for the traveler and lover of beautiful handmade products from around the world. We take you on a journey to a new country or city every month.... all within our boxes! We have traveled to Costa Rica, Greece, Paris, and Japan As a final touch, we send you a travel guide to fuel your wanderlust to travel to the world.

  • 3 to 5 artisan or traditional items from the country every month
  • Fair Trade Jewelry, Handbags, and Home Decor
  • Explore a new country through the box every month
  • We will also send you a Travel Guide to the country!

Questions for Wanderkarma?

Customer Questions (3)


Q: How do the recipients know where their box of the month is from? I bought my mom a 3 month gift set and she got her first one today. She got three nice items that were very cute but there wasn’t a note or card or anything that said where the items were from. Would be great if there was some way to do so I’m the future! Asked by Rebekah H., October 2019

Hi Rebekah, you are to get a description and guide to the country, and background of the product. I am not sure how this got missed in your shipment, but we will email you the guide and send it in your next box. We apologize for this confusion.

by Jessica E., October 2019


Q: My son bought me a three month subscription. The first box went to another person, his mistake. He corrected the address but I still haven’t received the second box which should have come to me by nowAsked by Amy P., November 2019

Wanderkarma answered...August 2021

Hi Amy, These questions just started coming up in the platform for us. Sorry for late reply - I believe you have received your boxes now.

Hi Amy, We had some delay from our artisan group. Your box will be arriving in 3 days. We apologize for the convenience. Please advise if Kansas is the correct address.

by Jessica E., November 2019


Q: Is there a list of countries included? My granddaughter has been to Japan and Indonesia recently and I hope at least one box will be from one of those countries.Asked by Liz F., September 2019

Hi Liz,
Our countries follow a journey as we travel to this country. We did have Japan boxes in the past, but we are currently sold out. We have available Rwanda, Haiti, Colombia, and current box is San Francisco. We do not reveal our next month often, but it will be Mexico!

by Jessica E., September 2019

Reviews (14)

Great value!

Jul 01, 2020
Rachel A.
1 Review
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1 Helpful

I loved the San Francisco Box! So great you are supporting local artisans during Covid-19 and so kind to donate 10% of your profits :)
I also loved last month’s Paris box! Can’t wait to see what’s coming this month 😊

Love the box from San Francisco

Oct 24, 2017
Jennifer Y.
1 Review
1 Picture

The box I got from San Francisco had a wonderful variety of items from city’s local artist. The quality and craft is breathtaking. Thank you for finding and showcasing this talent. What a beautiful presentation! I just love getting your boxes which always captures the culture of the location.

Hand crafted goods from around the globe

Jun 25, 2019
Verified Purchase
Amy H.
5 Reviews
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Subscribed for 3 months

I have LOVED every single item in every box there after I spoke with Jessica to let her know what type of items I would enjoy the most. The quality of item are just amazing. Each box comes with printed information about where your goods have been hand crafted and a little bit about the people who are making the items. I am torn now because I would love to continue this subscription. However, I already have several and need to watch the amount of money put out on boxes. I WILL be back. You have made me a very very satisfied customer. You are amazing Jessica!!!! If any of you shoppers are looking for an authentic culture box to receive some of the world without having to travel there yourself, this is your box!

Geat box and great company!!

Jun 08, 2019
Verified Purchase
Charlotte D.
1 Review
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Subscribed for 2 months

I sent this as a gift, and my mom loved it!! When you order a gift, it states month to month, and you need to click on the do not renew. This is a Cratejoy policy. Pleas be careful! I was charged for more than one box but Wonderkarma was amazing and sent me a refund, and my mom got another box that she loved!

May 28, 2019
Verified Purchase
Terri M.
1 Review
Subscribed for 3 months

A bit over priced for 3 items

Wanderkarma said...Jun 01, 2019

Thank you for your review! We ensure we pay a fair trade price for the artisan work, and at times we have between 3 to 5 items depending on the value of the work. It always is different per country. We hope you enjoy your next items and it is of value to you!

Not happy

Jun 06, 2020
Verified Purchase
Julie D.
1 Review
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Subscribed for 2 months

This is a fairly pricey box that is supposed to be from all over the world. The June from San Francisco box had two pieces of Ghiradelli candy that you can in any store one small candle a little drawing and a pair of earring made from found stones. This is definitely NOT worth the money.

Wanderkarma said...Jun 09, 2020

Hi Julie, I am sorry your experience was not great. We sent you an update to see if we can do better. We do go all over the world. Last month was Paris, but with COVID-19 we have had to support artists in San Francisco. The value in your box is $65 worth - $36 earrings, $12 Handmade Candle, and $12 art print plus 10% supporting Black Lives Matter this month. We did add in chocolates from a local company here. Note we pay fair prices to all of our partners for their products as they are handmade and not mass produced, and ensure that each box represents the city or country. We want each customer...

Disappointing Box

Jun 14, 2020
Verified Purchase
Juliana J.
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Subscribed for 27 days

Super disappointed in this box... Not at all worth $43 dollars. As you can see from my picture, no way would anyone spend $43 for what was received. I received a print, earrings that I thought were kinda ugly (didn’t like the bone looking ends), and a candle. I soooo love the idea of this and I hope the seller puts some more time into curation and value as I think this could be successful with better items! Good luck

Wanderkarma said...Jun 15, 2020

Hi Juliana,
We apologize that you do not like this box. We represent a place to the best of our ability, and pay fair prices to the artist's handmade work. This box has a retail value of over $60.
- Earrings made in SF and sold by artist at Retail $36
- Candles handmade in a local shop here $12
- AB Draws the Line handdrawn and watercolor print sells for $12
We also donate 10% of the proceeds to a new cause every month with Black Lives Matter this month.
Everyone appreciates the values in the box differently, and we try to please most customers. As you can see from our prior box - we do our best to put...

Travel box

Mar 10, 2021
Verified Purchase
Nancy B.
2 Reviews
Subscribed for 20 days

Little disappointed that there weren't more products.

Inspiration to travel

Nov 14, 2017
Katie E.
1 Review

So much fun, especially when we are all dying to travel during social distancing!! The guide inspired me to explore, what creative product!!

Highly Recommend

Jul 02, 2020
Stephanie B.
1 Review

I love everything about this concept! What a great way to support local artisans, give back to communities/causes, and expose people to cultures they may not otherwise experience. It’s obvious that they put great care into choosing unique and meaningful items. Such a treat to “travel” to new places each month, especially now when we can’t actually do so.

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