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Create Sacred Ritual with WEvolve Box

WEvolve is a subscription box that delivers divinely curated metaphysical and sacred objects from mystical traditions worldwide. Each item is designed to inspire a deepening of your spiritual practice. WE OFFER TWO EPIC SUBSCRIPTIONS! Subscribe today to deepen your wisdom, enhance your rituals and create your sacred space.
  • Wisdom Keepers Box includes a book and 3-4 mystical items...(stones, candles, tea, essential oils, etc)
  • The Esoteric Box is a luxe, themed experience. Previous themes include, Radical Self-Love, Dreamwork, Manifest, Chakras and more!
  • Esoteric is our deluxe experience, 5-7 items include: high vibration crystals, oracle decks, figurines, meditation tools and more..
  • Both boxes ship bi-monthly on alternate months, if you are looking for a monthly delivery, you can subscribe to both boxes

Customer Questions (14)


Q: On what day of the month do subscriptions re-open? I’d like to mark down the day in my calendar so I can remember to sub for the October Esoteric box! I’m so anxiously excited! Thank you! :)Asked by Alex A., July 2020

WEvolve Box answered...July 2020

Please follow WEvolvebox on Instagram our FB for updates!


Q: when will the esoteric box be open for new subscriptions? thanks so much.. love & light,,Asked by Erica R., May 2020

WEvolve Box answered...May 2020

Greetings, the new Esoteric Box will be available later in May. You can visit @wevolvebox on IG our FB for updates.


Q: If I order today when will my first box shipAsked by Jenny C., May 2020

WEvolve Box answered...May 2020

Thank you for your question. If you order the Wisdom Keepers it will arrive in the first week of June. If you order the Esoteric (opening these spots in mid-May), it will arrive in July.


Q: Do you guys offer sneak peaks of your upcoming boxes like some of the other companies on Crate Joy? Do I need to join an email list or something? Thanks in advance!Asked by Susan O., March 2020

WEvolve Box answered...March 2020

Yes! We do post sneak peeks as we get closer to shipping our box. You can also find sneak peeks on Instagram @wevolvebox and sign up for email notifications in the link in our IG bio.

Reviews (81)

No show

Sep 05, 2022
Verified Purchase
Sarah M.
3 Reviews
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 17 days

I ordered the box over two weeks ago and have not received a box from you yet this is very disappointing as that the box that was for my son showed up right away and the box that I ordered for my fiance showed up already aswell over a week ago

WEvolve Box said...Sep 05, 2022

Hi Sarah,
I see that you are feeling frustrated with your order. As outlined in our listings, our boxes ship out every other month with the cut off date of the 30th of the month before. Wisdom Keeper's Boxes ship out February, April, June, August, October, and December. The last day to order to receive the August box would have been July 30th. You placed your order on Aug 18 2022, which pushes the first box you would receive to our October box. If you are needing something more immediate, I have extra stock of some past Wisdom Keeper's Boxes that I would be happy to send out and then adjust your charge out date if you wish to move forward with...

Perfectly thought about

Mar 18, 2022
Verified Purchase
September F.
2 Reviews
1 Picture
Subscribed for 2 months

Really enjoyed this box. I got the abundance themed box and they did an amazing job! I already owned a few of the item but can incorporate the extras easily, the live plant was awesome, I’m feeling very lucky, very abundant and can’t wait to use every item. Very well thought out, only thing I’m only a little disappointed in is waiting for my next box. I wish this was weekly! So in love.

No Wisdom Here

Feb 22, 2022
Verified Purchase
Stacy S.
1 Review
Subscribed for 2 months

I purchased the Wisdom Keepers box. It said it was sold out and that the next box would be in May or June. So I was surprised to see a shipping notification and a box at my door. This box looked like it was hastily put together and is not worth the $30. I received 3 very common and cheap crystals, tiny tea ball, Mugwart elixir and a small book. The book is under 100 pages and has no reading just picture showing how to press on pressure points. The book also has a remainder mark on it, which means it's overstock and the publisher sells it for next to nothing just to get rid of it. The pictures of this box show substantial books with actual reading material, that's why I chose it. I'm disappointed to say the least. I would be surprised if this was worth even $15. I'm on the fence if I want to give the box one more month to see if it improves or just save my money.

WEvolve Box said...Feb 22, 2022

WEvolve box prides itself on supporting locally sourced items and other small businesses when possible. We feel that it is important because it is within our power to contribute to the livelihoods of other real people instead of large corporations and warehouses. The box you received contained crystals from a local vendor, tincture from a local apothecarist, and a pot sized blooming tea ball from another small business. The book you received this month was definitely something different from our normal sit and read style. When we found the book on doing energy medicine for yourself, we felt that it was important to empower our client base to create healing for themselves from home, especially given the current energetic intensity. We feel that the book...

Less than expected

Feb 01, 2022
Verified Purchase
Rebecca F.
1 Review
Subscribed for 4 months

I bought my sister the we evolve box the bigger of the two opgions which supposed to have 5 to 8 items, and first box she got was only 3 to 4 items. Box was advertised to be curated nicely but I would say it did seem alot of effort was put together to curate her box. I emailed the company and got no response. Double think before you buy has big price tag and was less than expected.

WEvolve Box said...Feb 01, 2022

Hi Rebecca! We are so sad to hear that you are unhappy with the purchase you made for your sister. We are curious what email address that you reached out to, because we have scoured our emails looking for one that we missed from you. The Esoteric Box varies in the number of items, from 5-8 depending on the size and cost of the items. We like to support other small businesses, which is often a little more costly, which translates to fewer items. The box that your sister received should have had 5 items in it. Please let us know if we missed any items (we are human and that can definitely happen), and we would be more...

Never showed and nobody contacted me

Jul 10, 2021
Verified Purchase
Kayleigh C.
2 Reviews
Subscribed for 2 months

It NEVER showed up and they never answered my emails that I sent trying to resolve the issue. I would never order this.

WEvolve Box said...Jul 11, 2021

Hi Kayleigh,
I just received your review on Cratejoy but unfortunately have not seen an email from you before now. Can you please give me the email address and date that you previously contacted so we can figure out where communication broke down, ASAP!
I am looking at the shipment details (USPS 9405509205568663403835) and it shows that the address was incorrect for shipment (invalid address) and was returned back to Denver on June 17 according to USPS, but we have not seen the box. What is the correct address? We will happily get a new box out to you this week!


Oct 10, 2020
Barbara R.
3 Reviews
1 Helpful

want to purchase


May 08, 2020
Verified Purchase
Hannah S.
1 Review
Subscribed for 4 months

So extremely happy about my first esoteric box!!! I felt like the value was about what I paid for and I feel like it’s definitely going to help me get through this month. Packaged beautifully, got here quickly. Thank you!

We evolve

Mar 05, 2020
Verified Purchase
Sandy S.
16 Reviews
1 Picture
4 Helpful
Subscribed for 4 months

Great, really enjoyed each item.

Highly Recommended!

Dec 26, 2019
Verified Purchase
Jill S.
1 Review
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 3 years

I received the bigger box every other month. It is a great way to find new products! Also, it has opened up doors to tarot cards and other ideas that I would never have ventured into on my own. Highly recommended.

Creative and Beautiful Box!!

Dec 03, 2019
Verified Purchase
Courtney G.
2 Reviews
Subscribed for 1 year

I am so thankful I found the Wevolve Box. I started as a subscriber of the mini box for over a year. Every month the box was something I looked forward to. When the mini box subscription ended, I upgraded to the Esoteric Box. Every box is filled with such a wonderful mixture of items. I love the jewelry pieces, the oils and the many books. I am never disappointed and you can tell how hard Lalaina works in putting these together. I just signed up for the newest subscription that includes a new book every box. I am so excited!! Sign up!!

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