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Plans as low as $22.95 / month
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  • The $22.95 Cosmic Mini ships early NEXT MONTH. The $49.95 Esoteric Box ships in Jan, March, May, July, Sept & Nov, in the first week of the month. If you subscribe in any of these months, you will receive the following box.♥
  • Only ships within United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Create Sacred Space with WEvolve Box
WEvolve is a subscription box that delivers divinely curated metaphysical and sacred objects from mystical traditions worldwide. Each item is designed to inspire a deepening of your spiritual practice. We offer 2 subscriptions with 2 types of shipping options, and one single box option! Subscribe today and begin to create your sacred space.
  • Sacred Adornment Box is a single box and will not renew
  • The Soul Treasure Box is a single box and will not renew
  • Cosmic Mini Box:4 items (an adornment, apothecary item, a crystal and another mystical item) SHIPS MONTHLY
  • Esoteric items include: high vibration crystals, oracle decks, figurines, meditation tools and more..

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Love this box

by Cristina R., Mar 08, 2019

I first ordered the jewelry box and then the big subscription box and both where Amazing!!! Great variety. I loved the necklace I receive in the jewelry box and unfortunately I lost the pendant which was a beautiful blue lapis or sodalite.

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Not impressed

by Lisa J., Mar 07, 2019

For $22.00 I got a card, a small candle, a stick of palo santo, a fossil and a plastic necklace. All of which you can get cheap at any metaphysical store.

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WEvolve Box said...
Mar 08, 2019
Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this months Cosmic Mini Box. The necklace you are referring to is actually quite lovely, it is made with rose petals and rue herb encapsulated in a clear resin pendant, very modern and unique. It is strung on a delicate sterling silver cord with a magnetic clasp. The retail value of this necklace is more than the cost of the box itself. This months stone is a 4 million year old Goniatite fossil, which is quite rare, and hold a beautiful energy. The candle is infused and decorated with crystal chips and herbs. Palo-santo is a sacred tree, and ours are particularly fragrant, bringing new and positive energy into a space when burned. We strive to include original, quality jewelry items and products in our box every month, for a low price. We also understand that everyone perceives value differently and will always refund the cost of your box if you are unhappy and choose to return it. Please email us with any questions.


by Faye S., Dec 12, 2018

So far I am hugely impressed by this box. Cute packaging, great amount and products, excellent price, quick delivery. Spot on! Def worth it and great for unique gifts. Can't wait to see what's next. 😁

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WEvolve Box said...
Dec 14, 2018
Faye. Thank you for the lovely review... we've got more magic in store for you! ~ Lalania Simone

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