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$22.95+ $21.50+ / month
Product Overview
  • The $22.95 Cosmic Mini ships early NEXT MONTH. The $49.95 Esoteric Box ships in Feb, April, June, August, Oct & Dec, in the first week of the month. If you subscribe in any of these months, you will revive the following box.♥
  • Only ships within United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Choose from 2 Mystical Options COSMIC or ESOTERIC
WEvolve delivers divinely curated metaphysical & sacred objects from mystical traditions worldwide. Designed to inspire a deepening of your spiritual practice. *The COSMIC MINI BOX ships monthly & includes 4 ITEMS for $22.95. *The ESOTERIC BOX ships bi-monthly and includes 5-8 ITEMS, is curated around a theme for $49.95 & ships every-other month.
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  • The COSMIC MINI MONTHLY features 4 items: an adornment, essential oil or herbs, a crystal and another mystical item
  • **The ESOTERIC BOX is a bi-monthly box, shipping every other month**
  • The Esoteric Box is a themed experience and includes 4-7 high quality items and a ritual or meditation.
  • Meditation tools
  • Items to help activate and cleanse your chakras
  • Figurines of Goddesses, Buddhas and other Divine beings
  • Symbols, talismans and oracles
  • Crystals vibrating with properties that can be used for healing and manifestation
  • Adornments, and conscious products for your body temple
Subscriber Reviews
4.6 of 5 stars
December WEvolve Box Review
by Kyra R written last year
Spirituality and Lifestyle all in one box!
Full Review
Don't Bother !
by Kelly written 11 days ago
I just recieved my first box today. Inside were the following items: -small red jasper tumble -aromatherapy spray -shell necklace That's it...not worth $21 at all. Don't get me wrong the aromatherapy smells yummy and the necklace is cute, but these aren't items I'd ever buy on my own, especially for 7$ a piece. I'm trying a different subscription box after my 3 months are up!
WEvolve Box said...
10 days ago
Greetings Kelly, We are sorry to hear that you did not feel like the Cosmic Mini was worth the price. The total retail value of this box was $43, with the Gypsy Soul Organics spray and the laser cut nautilus necklace each retailing at $20 apiece. We do understand that we all perceive value differently, and we have reached out by email to remedy this situation. Thank you for trying WEvolve Box.
Love the Cosmic Mini Box
by JLove written last month
I absolutely LOVE the Cosmic Mini Box! Beautiful and powerful and exactly what I need for my life. Perfect for me and perfect for gifts for the people I love!
by Katya written last month
Sad box. It was like they didn't even try.
WEvolve Box said...
last month
Hello Katya, we are sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your Cosmic Mini. The box you received included a Lapis Lazuli pendant with matching bracelet, a deck of Seeds of Intention cards, and an orange calcite stone. Though we thought this was a particularly lovely collection, we understand that not everyone has the same taste or expectations. We have reached out by email to offer a refund.
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