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Canadian box for spiritual-witchy-eclectic souls!

With our apothecary box, delivered each month, you will be sure to have everything you need to celebrate the month’s theme. Open to find everything needed to make your own creations. Past boxes included solid perfumes, oil blends, syrups, floral waters. PRICES IN CAD *** FEBRUARY'S BOXES ARE SOLD OUT!***
  • This box is filled with herbs, flowers, resins, 100% pure essential oils, candles, incense, etc. Besides the magickal aspect of it, you can also use these products to discover a variety of fragrances with different healing properties for your DIY projects.
  • We donate $1 for each box sold to Sustaining Hope Intl. Their mission is to alleviate poverty in developing nations by giving clean water to individuals and families in need by distributing water filters in regions where the water source is judged unfit for human use.
  • We do not buy pre-made things from China and put our logo on them like other boxes. You will discover some outsourced items to complete the theme, but never a box full. We take pride in making everything we can ourselves, and to charge each product with magick and intention.
  • Our subscribers buy our boxes because they like to learn about the items and the chosen monthly theme from our BOS pages, information sheet and Grimoire Magazine. We make it a priority to teach you how to use your items instead of just throwing items in a box.
  • Contains 1 pack of flowers, 2 essential oils, 3 packs of herbs and everything needed to make the month's project or work the month's theme. In 2023, we will be exploring the art of herbalism magick, how to use these items in your practice and how to make your own products.

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Photo of Spiral Rain's Apothecary box current box 2023 BOX THEMES


2023 Apothecary box themes : January -The art of herbalism magick February - Herbs in practice and the magickal power of plants March - The power of correspondences April - Honeys and syrups May - Infused oils June - Poultices and compresses July - Drying, sourcing and storing herbs August -Vinegar and oxymels September - Herbal Hydrosols October -Oils, salves and balms November - Lotions, butters, and ointments December - Tinctures

Order by December 14th to get this box!

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Q: Can you only order from Canada?Asked by Helen S., April 2021

Spiral Rain answered...April 2021

We ship Worldwide from Canada. You may shop directly on our website for more options and for shipping rates calculated for your address.

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I absolutely loved the box!

Jul 21, 2021
Verified Purchase
Tera Y.
1 Review
Subscribed for 2 months

The booklet was packed full of interesting, valuable knowledge. Paired with delicious herbs and oils that I am enjoying immensely.

Loved My Box

Jul 03, 2021
Verified Purchase
Dana C.
3 Reviews
Subscribed for 11 days

Loved my first box , can’t wait for my next one !!! This seller is very accommodating and friendly you can tell a lot of thought and love goes into her boxes

LOVE all of Spiral Rain's boxes!

Mar 13, 2021
Elisabeth S.
3 Reviews
8 Helpful

I just want to start off by saying that this is so far the best subscription box for these type of products in Canada. The owner is so helpful, knowledgeable, caring and responds fast. I love that it's a family business, the owner, her husband, her sisters and the owner's parent's are involved in creating these boxes. Each box is a steal and contains well over the purchased amount. Each box comes with a magazine that describes the items in details. The magazine also contains all the information useful for the month ahead: moons, zodiac signs, description of the month's energy, rituals, recipes, ways to use your items, sabbats, correspondences and so much more. The magazine alone is priceless and its value isn't even considered when they add up the items value for the box. On the plus side, being a subscriber of all 4 boxes, I have never had an item twice and never received a duplicate crystal from the Crystals box. I am a subscriber on their website because it's cheaper. The shipping is calculated for my address, I save 5% because I combine my boxes, an extra 7% for subscribing and there's no Cratejoy fee for a total saving of 83.56$.

Best apothecary box out there by far!

Mar 14, 2021
Jessyka K.
4 Reviews
5 Helpful

I have been subscribed to the Apothecary box for a couple of months and boy am I satisfied! All the herbs received, (and let me tell you you receive quite a few each month), come in containers or pouches that protect them from the sun, that alone is priceless. These herbs come with a booklet that covers everything you need to know for the month ahead and details correspondences and uses for the herbs received, another priceless item for me. I can't even imagine the time it must take to research and combine all the useful information contained in these booklets. If you're looking to dive-in deeper with your craft and make your own oils, incenses and mixes, this is the box for you. What can I say I am in LOVE with Spiral Rain's boxes. You get what you pay for and a whole lot more!


Jan 04, 2021
Brooklynne C.
1 Review
2 Helpful

Absolutely LOVE this box, along with the witches box. This curator takes so much care and pride in these boxes! You will always get high-quality and unique items and the amount of energy she puts into the monthly description that comes with the boxes are just beautiful! I can't say enough good things about this company. Worth every penny!

Crystal Fan

Mar 11, 2021
Verified Purchase
Neanila K.
2 Reviews
Subscribed for 22 days

I enjoyed receiving this box but the price was too expensive for what the contents were worth. There are much cheaper "just" crystal subscription boxes out there. I wouldn't recommend this one.

Spiral Rain said...Mar 13, 2021

Hi Neanila, we are sorry to read you didn't like your subscription box and wish you would have reached out to us so we could make things right by you. Our boxes sell for 22.99$ plus shipping and we guarantee that you will receive at least 40$ worth of items. March's box had a 41$ value. As far as the shipping goes, we ship on the 28th of each month and saw that you received your box on the 2nd of March which means it took 2 days to get to you. I am not sure how we could have made it reach you faster. Wishing you and yours a blessed day!

So Much to Love 💘

Nov 09, 2020
Verified Purchase
Kristin B.
4 Reviews
2 Helpful
Subscribed for 20 days

I am so happy I got this box, not only are the items beautifully curated and themed, they are great quality and come with very detailed information about them. The grimoire pages included are highly valuable!

Past boxes from Spiral Rain's Apothecary box



2022 Apothecary box themes : January - Imbolc Sabbat Box / February - Love Magick Box / March - Ostara Sabbat Box / April - Beltane Sabbat Box / May - Candle Magick Box / June - Litha Sabbat Box / July - Lammas Sabbat Box / August - Money Magick Box / September - Mabon Sabbat Box / October - Samhain Sabbat Box / November - Protection Magick Box / December - Yule Sabbat Box

December's Box Theme

December's Box Theme

Let's celebrate Yule together! Open to find items from our Yule collection and items to add to your Yule altar or rituals.

November's Theme

November's Theme

This month we are exploring the theme of protection. Open to find items from our Protection collection, stones, herbs and other items to complete the theme and help you in your spells or rituals.

October's Box Theme

October's Box Theme

October is a big month and my favourite! To celebrate I decided to make a special Samhain box with some items from our Witch Collection, a Samhain ritual and other items to complement your Samhain celebrations! For a total retail value of 75$+

September's Theme

September's Theme

September is all about well-being and taking care of yourself at Spiral Rain. Open to find everything you need to make two batches of elderberry syrup. The only thing missing is a stove, pot and cook!

August Box Theme

August Box Theme

This month we are exploring the theme of Creativity. Open to find a total of 12 items to make 2 green witch projects and our monthly magazine.

July's theme

July's theme

This month we are exploring the 22 chakras! Open to find items to help you cleanse and align your chakras including a chakra box, 7 herbs, 7 oils and the monthly grimoire magazine of over 50 pages.

June's box theme

June's box theme

This month is all about the moon 🌝. Open to find a beautiful book, tea, a carved piece of dolomite and herbs to help you work with this month's theme.

May's theme

May's theme

This month's theme is inner balance, open to find herbs and essential oils to help you achieve the ultimate balance of self.

April's theme

April's theme

April is all about working with the elements and finding balance within them. Open to find 5 essential oils and 5 herbs corresponding to each element.

March's Box

March's Box

This month it's all about Abundance and Ostara at Spiral Rain. Open our boxes to find items to help you with the law of attraction and to celebrate Ostara.

February's Box Theme

February's Box Theme

February is all about self-love at Spiral Rain. Open to find a mix of herbs known for their loving properties such as roses, rosehips, cardamom, cinnamon, damiana, shatavari and a set of candles for your love spells.

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The most prevalent ingredients of magic spells are botanicals ingredients.

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