In the Pit with Grill Masters Club

Updated by Heather Lefebvre

Is it officially grilling season yet? We think so. With more and more people getting vaccinated each day, we’re ready to get outside and get cooking with friends and family.

So as celebrations like cookouts, BBQs, and distanced parties resume, Cratejoy is rolling out a recipe series all summer. Whatever your celebrations look like, you’ll be able to level up your potluck skills with exclusive recipes, kitchen hacks, and more, straight from the experts and makers behind Cratejoy’s top food and drink subscriptions.

Today’s recipe comes from the pitmasters behind Grill Masters Club . BBQ Pitboys, one of the biggest influencers in BBQ, developed this delicious flank steak recipe just for the subscription's Father’s Day box!

Check out the recipe, and learn more about Grill Masters Club , below!


Behind the Box: Grill Masters Club

At Grill Masters Club, quality is the name of the game. “We were inspired to create this box when we realized there were no discovery tools for BBQers looking to find new flavors,” says Kevin, one of the pitmasters and founders behind the box. While BBQ had become increasingly popular as a hobby and way of life, there wasn’t much clear knowledge and guidance in terms of good barbecue out there.

Enter Grill Masters Club . “No more bland BBQ, no more guessing,” Kevin says. Each monthly box includes small-batch ingredients that subscribers can’t just find anywhere. “We taste-test every product and focus on small batch and unique-flavored BBQ. There is a lot more out there than people realize.” The Grill Masters team also boasts a certified BBQ judge and a famous pitmaster to source premium products for each and every month.

“We want everyone to feel confident cooking,” Kevin explains. “We want people to be able to create memories with cookouts and meals, not serve bad food.” Sounds good to us, too.

Johnny Canuck Maple Dijon Horseradish Grilled Flank Steak

Serves 2 to 4 people


  • 1-2 lb. flank steak

  • 4 oz. real maple syrup

  • 2 oz. bourbon

  • 2 tbsp. paprika (smoked or regular)

  • 4 tbsp. Big Texan dry rub mix

  • 6 tbsp. Dennis’ horseradish

  • 4 cloves garlic (chopped fine)

  • 3 tbsp. Dijon mustard

  • ¼ cup chopped fresh parsley

  • Coarse sea salt and pepper


  1. Put maple syrup and bourbon into a pot and bring to a low simmer. Be careful, because the bourbon can ignite if the heat is too high. Be cautious, but allow the alcohol to burn off. Let the maple and bourbon reduce by 1/3. Set aside and let it cool.

  2. Mix the paprika, horseradish, Dijon mustard, garlic, and parsley in a bowl. Set aside.

  3. Season the flank steak with coarse sea salt and pepper. Sprinkle the flank liberally with Big Texan rub.

  4. Add the cooled maple syrup mixture to the Dijon mustard mixture and mix well. Slather this like a paste all over the flank steak. Let sit at room temperature for 20 minutes or so while you get your charcoal BBQ ready.

  5. Grill the flank steak until desired doneness is reached. (I recommend medium rare to rare for this type of steak.) The internal temperature of the meat should come out to 135-140º Fahrenheit; use a digital thermometer if you have one. If you do not have a thermometer, this should be approximately 3-4 minutes per side.

  6. Remove steak from heat and let it rest for 5 minutes. Slice thinly against the grain and serve.

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