Cratejoy Confidence - Purchase Protection



At Cratejoy, we understand the importance of a secure and satisfying shopping experience. That's why we've implemented the Cratejoy Buyer Protection Program to ensure you can shop with confidence. Our program provides support and guarantees for your purchases, covering you under the following circumstances:

  • Your item has not shipped
  • You want to return an item damaged during shipping

For more details about the Cratejoy Buyer Protection Program, please read on.

Seeking Resolution for Your Order

If you're not satisfied with an order that doesn't meet the above criteria, we recommend reviewing the seller's policies regarding cancellations, returns, or exchanges first.

How to Request a Refund

  1. Contact the seller directly to initiate a Help request. In most cases, issues can be resolved by directly communicating with the seller.
  2. If, after 48 hours of contacting the seller, your issue remains unresolved and it's past the estimated delivery date, Cratejoy can intervene to assist in resolving the matter.
    • You may need to provide photos of the damaged or misrepresented items as part of your claim.
    • Learn how to request Cratejoy's assistance by opening a case.
  3. Upon confirmation of your refund eligibility, Cratejoy will send you a confirmation email outlining the next steps.

Please note that items delayed due to external factors beyond the seller's control, such as natural disasters, postal strikes, or significant global events, as determined by Cratejoy at its sole discretion, are not covered under the Cratejoy Buyer Protection Program.

Impact on Sellers from Refund Requests

  • Opening a case against a seller will not automatically negatively impact their reputation or store.
  • Cratejoy takes all cases seriously, reviewing each one carefully to ensure fair resolutions.
  • We recognize that even the most diligent sellers can encounter unforeseen issues, which is why the Cratejoy Buyer Protection Program exists — to support both buyers and sellers through qualifying orders.

Our commitment at Cratejoy is to create a safe and trustworthy environment for both buyers and sellers. This program is part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that shopping on Cratejoy is a positive and secure experience for everyone.