The Best Planner & Stationary Subscription Boxes from Elegant to Cute (2021)

Whether you're an enthusiastic bullet journaler, a snail mail sender, a sticker collector, a planner addict, or just a lover of fun and fancy paper products, there's a stationery subscription box that fills every niche.

From DIY paper crafts to stockpiling greeting cards for all of life's special moments, subscribing to a monthly stationery subscription can ensure you have a variety of high-quality goodies on hand whenever they're needed.

Spruce up your office space with plenty of fun paper goodies and start crossing all the things off your to-do list with some of the best subscription boxes for planners, organizers, and stationery lovers!

What are the best planner and stationery subscription boxes?

1. Penspiration and Planning + Stationery Box by Cloth & Paper


​Price: Starts at $40.00/month

Cloth & Paper is a nicely noted Penspiration and Planning box that combines beautiful letterpress paper goods with unique pens each month. Between 8-12 items arrive in each monthly subscription box and an array of writing tools and things like bookmark inserts and sticky notes are included in this sweet paper club.

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2. Paper Kitty


Price: Starts at $13.17/month

Join the Paper Kitty papergang with this month-to-month subscription that aims to add some whimsy and fun to your daily routine. Overloaded with cuteness, each themed box promotes productivity with an assortment of fun office supplies from some of the best stationery makers out there, including everything from fancy paper and pens to journals, notebooks, and plenty of other smile-inducing supplies.

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3. The Inky Box


Price: Starts at $31.66/month

Create and showcase your own unique talents and hand-lettering designs with the fresh supplies packed into the Inky Box. Offering 2 different subscription options, this monthly box is dedicated to all that’s needed for hand-lettering, including tools of the trade such as top-quality pens and inks along with tutorial videos, practice sheets, and inspirational prints from some of your favorite artists.

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4. The Fabulous Planner


Price: Starts at $24.17/month

With The Fabulous Planner subscription service, staying organized and on top of things gets a stylish upgrade. Every box is curated around a different theme and delivers an exclusive collection of stickers to decorate any planner. Even the most mundane of work days can get an infusion of creative fun with packs of beautiful, practical sticker sheets, along with office accessories that add a little sparkle and shine!

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5. My Paper Box for Kids


Price: Starts at $9.17/month

Now kids can discover the joy of sending snail mail to friends and family near and far with Personalized Notepads & More, a fun-filled monthly box! Past boxes have featured cool themes like monsters and sharks, and each new box will bring even more creative, kid-friendly designs. Unbox one-of-a-kind paper goodies like personalized notepads, activity books, coloring pages, stickers and more.

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6. Kizuna Box from Japan


Price: Starts at $32.49/month

Embrace the decorative and ornamental side of Japan with the Kizuna Lifestyle Box. Every monthly box celebrates the passage of time through seasonal Japanese festivities, exploring time-honored traditions by sending a curated a mix of lifestyle and household items such as a stationery selection featuring delicate designs, kawaii greeting cards, ceramics, and textiles.

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7. Coco and Opal Design Sticker Club


Price: Starts at $5.00/month

It's time to get all your ducks in a row with the Coco and Opal Design Planner Sticker Subscription, a box that gives you the final say! How, you ask? The stationery pros take each subscriber's needs into account and curate a box that suits their unique lifestyle. With 6 available subscription options, you can bring a little fun into the organizational process using decorative and functional planner stickers.

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8. The Delightful Desk


Price: Starts at $44.46/month

Whether you're a student or a professional go-getter, chic office supplies can go a long way to keeping you motivated and at the top of your game. The Delightful Desk is a subscription box where fun meets function! Enjoy a monthly supply drop that includes everything from colorful stationery and planning goodies to desk supplies, patterned organizers, and more.

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9. Vintage Craft Supplies Box


Price: Starts at $24.00/month

Time-hop to days gone by with the classic, vintage-themed ephemera pieces packed into the Vintage Craft Supplies Box by Cora Crea Crafts. Whether you're working in your scrapbook or creating mixed media pieces, this vintage-inspired box takes care of all your journaling and paper craft needs, sending a variety of themed stationery sets and other goodies, including stamps, washi tape, notecards, and more.

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10. PostBox Subscription


Price: Starts at $21.25/month

Getting a special little something in the mail is a fun way to stay connected, and it can be a huge mood booster! So, whether you want to keep in touch with your BFFs or share with your pen pal, Postmark’d Studio delivers bold-designed greeting cards that make a big impact. Learn new tips and tricks that turn letter-writing into an art form with themed boxes that feature 4-5 greeting cards, plus the stamps to send them on their way.

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11. Confetti Collection Subscription Box


Price: Starts at $19.99/box

Make sure your stationery stash gets replenished every month with Confetti Collection. Enjoy a fun unboxing experience with a subscription that arrives brimming with colorful stationery products, gift items and trendy goodies. Curated around fun themes, like "Note to Self," each box brings an assortment of fun (and practical) supplies like bold-patterned stationery, cheerful greeting cards, to-do lists, and other paper products.

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12. Come Alive Studio Stationary Subscription


Price: Starts at $20.42/month

Skip the "Ohh deer, it's been too long since I've sent you a punny card!" greeting, and instead opt for the beautiful artistic creations packed into the monthly box from Come Alive Studio. This high-end stationery sends greeting cards that feature original artwork perfect for any occasion, along with stamps and unique suggestions for how and when to send them out.

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13. Pro Club Classic


Price: Starts at $17.95/month

Take scrapbooking and journaling to the next level with the many different types of stickers packed into Pipsticks' Pro Club Classic. It doesn't matter if you're looking for sophisticated stickers or the world's cutest stickers, this box delivers 15 sheets of colorful, seasonally-themed stickers along with a postcard, a storage pouch, and a DIY and inspo-filled zine perfect for stationery fanatics.

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14. SCRIBEdelivery Subscription


Price: Starts at $25.83/month

The SCRIBEdelivery Subscription is perfect for anyone who's looking to get organized and stay on top of their daily activities! If that sounds like something you're after, treat yourself to a themed box of stationery items that have been carefully sourced and selected from some of the best stationery makers from around the world, and includes a writing instrument, a notebook, and other useful supplies.

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