Best Planner & Stationery Subscription Boxes to Stay Organized in 2023

Whether you're an enthusiastic bullet journaler, a snail mail sender, a sticker collector, a planner addict, or just a lover of fun and fancy paper products, there's a stationery subscription box that fills every niche. Spruce up your office space with plenty of fun paper goodies and start crossing all the things off your to-do list with some of the best subscription boxes for planners, organizers, and stationery lovers!

What are the different kinds of planner and stationery subscription boxes?

From DIY paper crafts to stockpiling greeting cards for all of life's special moments, subscribing to a monthly stationery subscription can ensure you have a variety of high-quality goodies on hand whenever they're needed. There are a number of different kinds offered through the Cratejoy marketplace.

Monthly Planners

Sure, buying a new planner at the start of the year is a great, fresh feeling, but doesn’t that feeling wear off pretty quickly? With monthly planner subscription boxes, you can have that new-year-new-you feel on the first of every month.

Sticker Boxes

Stickers aren’t just for kids! With a variety of different kinds of sticker boxes, they come with themes such as “retro” or “cute,” meaning you can decorate your notebooks (and whatever else!) with the stickers that best suit your personal style.

Cards, Letters, and Other Types of Stationery

Snail mail is back in style, haven’t you heard? With monthly boxes full of fancy paper, custom writing stationery, colorful pens, and matching envelopes, these are perfect for the papyrophiliac in your life.


Penspiration and Planning + Stationery Box by Cloth & Paper

From $50.00 per box
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Cloth & Paper is a nicely noted Penspiration and Planning box that combines beautiful letterpress paper goods with unique pens each month. Between 8-12 items arrive in each monthly subscription box and an array of writing tools and things like bookmark inserts and sticky notes are included in this sweet paper club.

Shipping: Boxes ship worldwide to select countries from the United States between the 19th and the 24th of every month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I love love love this box! I started with just the pens because I am a pen freak but now I love planning and journaling with the beautifully curated boxes. Best of the best.” – Kelly C.


Paper Bliss

From $15.00 per box
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Join the Paper Kitty papergang with this month-to-month subscription that aims to add some whimsy and fun to your daily routine. Overloaded with cuteness, each themed box promotes productivity with an assortment of fun office supplies from some of the best stationery makers out there, including everything from fancy paper and pens to journals, notebooks, and plenty of other smile-inducing supplies.

Shipping: Subscription boxes ship worldwide from the United States on the 5th of every month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I was so excited to open my box when it arrived! I got 11 adorable items, and they’re all in great condition.” – Cathy R.


The Fabulous Planner Monthly Subscription

From $24.33 per box
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With The Fabulous Planner subscription service, staying organized and on top of things gets a stylish upgrade. Every box is curated around a different theme and delivers an exclusive collection of stickers to decorate any planner. Even the most mundane of work days can get an infusion of creative fun with packs of beautiful, practical sticker sheets, along with office accessories that add a little sparkle and shine!

Shipping: Subscription boxes ship monthly on the 25th of every month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “Very happy with all that has arrived in my box! I look forward to using the washi tape, it is so cute. Very excited to set my week up and getting more boxes!” – Stephany D.


Papergang (NS)

From £12.00 per box
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Created by the people behind Ohh Deer, the mega-popular stationery shop, Papergang is a monthly box that highlights the work of a different artist each month. Happy subscribers love the fun themes and variety packed into every box. From stationery and greeting cards, to pens and art prints, unpack an exclusive collection of paper goodies sporting charming prints and designs.

Shipping: Ships to select countries from the United Kingdom the first week of every month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I greatly enjoy this box because of the variety, planners, note pads, greeting cards, notebooks, large desk pads, wrapping paper... and so much more. The printed box covers can even be reused!” – Amanda L.


The Paper Lover

From $20.17 per box
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Stationery featuring fun designs and personalized with a chosen name is always a great way to add a special touch to useful paper goods––and makes a great gift, too! The Pretty Paper Club's themed monthly subscription boxes bring beautifully crafted custom stationery, along with coordinated accessories like gel pens, stickers, labels, embellishments, and one-of-a-kind office supplies.

Shipping: The first box ships within 7 business days of your order, and all following boxes will ship around the 20th of each month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “Such a wonderful and fun little subscription full of big personality! Fun cards/paper and matching envelopes and of course fun little extras. The confetti is one of my favorite parts and is such a unique idea. The quality of the items is superb and the personalization of each item is great. I would recommend this subscription to my fellow paper lovers, those who love to snail mail little notes, and of course my fellow pen pal friends.” – Abbey C.


Kizuna Lifestyle Box from Japan (includes shipping costs)

From $52.49 per box
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Embrace the decorative and ornamental side of Japan with the Kizuna Lifestyle Box. Every monthly box celebrates the passage of time through seasonal Japanese festivities, exploring time-honored traditions by sending a curated a mix of lifestyle and household items such as a stationery selection featuring delicate designs, kawaii greeting cards, ceramics, and textiles.

Shipping: Subscription boxes ship worldwide from Japan around the 1st of each month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “Beautiful Japanese cultural items that are: High quality, unique, monthly, and surrounding a theme. I wish I could get it weekly.” – Julie L.


STICKII Monthly Sticker Subscription

From $12.00 per box
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Shipping out colorful, happy stickers for the world to enjoy, the STICKII Club is a monthly sticker box that covers all the bases! Give snail mail an instant upgrade to happy mail with fun stickers that run the gamut from kawaii to sophisticated. Choose from Cute, Retro or Pop options for an assortment of sticker sheets, a storage insert, and at least 2 additional stationery goods.

Shipping: Ships worldwide to select countries from the United States on the 11th of each month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “Always a great selection of unique stickers. They're always cute and fun. I can't imagine what it would've been like to get this when I was a kid and suuuuuper into stickers! Since it's fun even now in my 40s. If you think someone might like to get this as a gift, then you're probably right! Go for it!” – Julie A.


Deluxe Planner Sticker Kit and Mystery Sticker Sheet

From $29.00 per box
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It's time to get all your ducks in a row with the Coco and Opal Design Planner Sticker Subscription, a box that gives you the final say! How, you ask? The stationery pros take each subscriber's needs into account and curate a box that suits their unique lifestyle. With 6 available subscription options, you can bring a little fun into the organizational process using decorative and functional planner stickers.

Shipping: Subscription boxes ship worldwide from the United States around the 5th of every month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “Such cute stickers I use every month on my cards and my photo albums. The come every month on time and follow the season. (Fall in the fall, etc). I love getting these in the mail each month.” – Sherrie A.


Vintage Craft Supplies Box

From $28.00 per box
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Time-hop to days gone by with the classic, vintage-themed ephemera pieces packed into the Vintage Craft Supplies Box by Cora Crea Crafts. Whether you're working in your scrapbook or creating mixed media pieces, this vintage-inspired box takes care of all your journaling and paper craft needs, sending a variety of themed stationery sets and other goodies, including stamps, washi tape, notecards, and more.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States on the 20th of each month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I’ve had this subscription for about a year now and I love it. There’s always a diverse selection of items and it makes it easier on someone who may be new to journaling (which I was when I first subscribed) or veterans alike who want kits and curated themes to help with inspiration or to just give them plenty of stock to choose from when that moment of creativity strikes!” – Tarita W.


Scrapbook Kits_002

From $12.00 per box
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Whether you're looking to indulge your scrapbooking hobby or keep plenty of supplies on hand to cover all your crafting needs, the Scrapbooking Store is here to deliver the goods. Unbox loads of supplies in every delivery, including 12x12 double-sided pages and fun embellishments, including stickers, cutouts, and washi tape -- just what's needed to add creative flair to every page!

Shipping: Ships within the United States within 2 to 3 business days, with renewals shipping on the same calendar day as the original sign-up date.

Why Subscribers Love It: “My Grandma absolutely loved this as a gift! I got her the 3-month subscription as a Christmas gift and she said it was like Christmas for 3 months! So happy with the boxes, I will likely order this again!” – Mark H.


Monthly Subscription

From $24.00 per box
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Monthly mystery kits from Sticker Guru are now being sent directly to your doorstep! Great for any and all planner lovers, these affordable themed sticker kits are packed with exclusive designs that aren’t found in the Guru's main shop. With limited subscription spots available, get in on a unique box that's packed with one-of-a-kind designs that’ll bring a little happiness to long to-do lists and full calendars.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States by the 4th of each month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I have received 4 kits and have been satisfied with all of them. I always use all of the stickers provided and especially enjoy the little "extras" I appreciate that I have stickers that I can use in my daily journal as well as my budget journal.” – Tabitha L.


The Paper Crate - Card Making Kit

From $27.50 per box
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Learn new craft techniques in card-making with The Paper Crate. Sending all-inclusive kits to create 4 unique greeting cards each month, including a stamp set, extra embellishments, simple instructions, and a variety of finishing items, every box helps you hone the skills needed to create beautiful and original craft cards. From beginners to experienced card makers, every box unlocks creativity.

Shipping: All boxes ship on or around the 6th of every month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I love my first box. I was so impressed with the gifts on the first box and the high quality of paper, Asuka Studio. Very impressed. Contacted customer support and had no issues. I had fun with my box and cannot wait for the next one! Thank you so much!” – Nicole L.


Come Alive Studio Stationary Subscription

From $20.42 per box
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Skip the "Ohh deer, it's been too long since I've sent you a punny card!" greeting, and instead opt for the beautiful artistic creations packed into the monthly box from Come Alive Studio. This high-end stationery sends greeting cards that feature original artwork perfect for any occasion, along with stamps and unique suggestions for how and when to send them out.

Shipping: All orders ship worldwide from the United States between the 23rd and the 25th of every month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I received my first shipment right on time. I love the thoughtfulness that goes into each package. The artist sent a little bookmark with a color swatch of the colors used in the artwork on the cards with a little note. One of the best parts of being from an artisan is the attention to detail that makes it so special. Not to mention the cards are great quality, come with the stamps included, AND a suggestion card on who to write to. She's really thought of it all.” – Sophia C.


SCRIBEdelivery Subscription

From $29.00 per box
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The SCRIBEdelivery Subscription is perfect for anyone who's looking to get organized and stay on top of their daily activities! If that sounds like something you're after, treat yourself to a themed box of stationery items that have been carefully sourced and selected from some of the best stationery makers from around the world, and includes a writing instrument, a notebook, and other useful supplies.

Shipping: All boxes ship between the 5th and the 9th of every month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I love this box! I've been subscriber since 2017, will be 5 years next month. I took a few months off in the middle, but I just missed it too much! Great selection, great quality, wonderful surprises and new finds! Highly recommended.” – Lisa H.


Scribbler Box Subscription

From $29.99 per box
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Are you ready to put pen to paper and share your thoughts with the world? Take the plunge into learning the ins and outs of writing as a craft with Scribbler, a monthly subscription box that's created by a team of bestselling authors. Everyone from novice novelists to daily journalers can get valuable guidance through the writing process, insight into the publishing world and plenty of encouragement!

Shipping: The first box ships immediately, while all additional boxes ship on or around the 21st of every month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “Great subscription box geared toward the writer / reader! Each monthly box is built around a carefully chosen theme. The book, writerly advice and inside publishing booklet are great for writers to see the theme in action. And the bookish goodies are an amazing plus!” – Sharon E.