Let’s Get Spooky: Best Subscription Boxes for Halloween

Posted by Karen Li

Ah yes, Halloween…arguably one of the most popular holidays, especially among those who love any and all things creepy, spooky, and ghoulish. Even if you’re not a fan of the scary aspect of Halloween, there’s plenty of other things to love: themed decorations, costume parties, pumpkin carving, candy, and much more!

To celebrate the spookiest time of the year, we’ve handpicked 6 of our top creep-tastic subscription boxes that are perfect to commemorate Halloween well beyond October. Don’t wait to trick or treat yo’self to these boxes!


1. The Nocturnal Reader’s Box – Starts at $35/mo.

Nocturnal Reader's Box

Creep it real with The Nocturnal Reader’s Box, a book subscription box featuring horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and psychological thriller reads. Get ready to be kept on your toes every month – not just October – with a shipment of books, custom themed art, wearables, and more corresponding accessories!

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from United States



2. Skulls Unlimited International – Starts at $24.99/mo.

Skulls Unlimited International

What’s more Halloween-appropriate than a box full of skulls from Skulls Unlimited International? Whether you’re an avid skull collector or just want to add unique decor to your home, Skulls Unlimited will send you only museum-quality osteological specimens that are valued at more than the cost of the box.

Shipping Details:  Only ships within United States


3. Letters from Dead People – Starts at $12.99/mo.

History buffs who have a taste for the macabre, we’d like to introduce you to your new favorite box, Letters from Dead People. Not nearly as creepy as the name suggests, you’ll receive a subscription box time capsule in the form of a letter from a real person who lived 100 years ago (don’t worry, they’re all high-quality reproductions of real historical documents).

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from United States


4. FX Crate – Starts at $24.99/mo.

Is your favorite holiday Halloween? Do you always go all-out for Halloween makeup? Does the Face Off  hold a special place in your heart? If yes, FX Crate is a must-have. Perfect for both beginners and those looking to expand their existing FX makeup collection, FX Crate ships out a special effects makup box full of products from well-known brands like Kryolan and Graftobian.

Shipping Details: Ships to select countries from United States



5. Para-Box – Starts at $19.95/mo.


For all you out there intrigued by the paranormal, there’s now a box to quell your curiosities. Para-Box is a t-shirt subscription box that includes an international scavenger hunt, making it an interactive experience delivered monthly. Decode the clues to find your way out of the hunt, and you’ll be entered to win a monthly drawing for prizes!

Shipping Details: Only ships within United States


6. Cryptid Crate – Starts at $39.99/mo.

Cryptid Crate

Satisfy your penchant for cryptozoology and paranormal-themed items with Cryptid Crate, a monthly subscription box that contains book, fun wearables, accessories, and collectibles related to UFOs, ghosts, Bigfoot/Sasquatch, plus other related themes and creatures. Items make great conversation starters!

Shipping Details: Ships to select countries from United States


Didn’t feel like these boxes were spooktacular enough?

Check out all our subscription box options on Cratejoy!


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