Create a Spookily Cute Witch Look This Halloween with NME Box

Updated by Heather Lefebvre

It's spooky season! Ready for Halloween yet? We know we are -- and so is Dana Parker, the founder of special effects makeup subscription NME Box .

As NME's creative CEO, Dana gets to decide what out-of-this-world look NME will feature each month, which makes her pretty much an expert on Halloween costumes and creative character looks. We teamed up with her to see how to level up an always-classic witch costume this Halloween -- and learn more about the inspiration behind NME Box. Take a look at NME's makeup tutorial and interview below!

Dana's "Which Witch" DIY Makeup Tutorial

Tell us your story! What were you doing before you started your business, and what inspired you to launch your box?

Before starting NME Box, I acquired degrees in Network Engineering (Cyber Security) and Electrical Engineering, and I’m currently in my 8th year of homeschooling my children. I also was (and still am) the lead singer in an R&B band, which has been put on hold since the pandemic.

While I’ve had many technical interests, my passion has been the arts since I was very young. My stage experience is what drew me to the magic of makeup. Even as a kid, Halloween was never a day of princesses and ballerinas for me. My poor mother had to endure her little girl's need for blood and gore! My love of special effects makeup grew into understanding the art of makeup, and I wanted to bring the joy of creating makeup art to the world.

What makes NME Box unique? What do you offer that the world should know?

NME Box is not just another makeup subscription. We include products and tools that go beyond doing makeup, like products to mold your own fake teeth, mix makeup colors, build prosthetics, or erase your eyebrows. This box is a crafty makeup artist’s dream. I’ve even included yarn and instructions to create your own hairpiece in our “Living Statue”-themed box.


Tell us about your “look” development and product selection for each box. How do you decide what goes into the box for your customers?

Before starting NME Box, the idea lived in my head for about 5 years. During that time, I kept a log of all the makeup ideas I could think of. I was inspired by everything from nature to engineering to science to something as simple as a single word. As a result, I have well over 12 years’ worth of monthly themes already planned! No repeats!

The theme ideas inspire what goes inside the box. For instance, for the “Living Statue” box, I knew we would need grey foundation for the look of stone. But I also included natural clay used in face masks to add realism. Dried clay cracks and chips away, looking just like stone. NME Boxers also got imitation moss and spirit gum (a skin-grade adhesive) so their look can also include wild greenery. Every box includes a makeup challenge, and the challenge for this theme was to create a look as if you were a stone statue just discovered deep in a mysterious forest.

Products are sourced from many companies large and small. I love to purchase from Etsy artisans who create spectacular prosthetics and SFX makeup products. I also look to SFX staples like Mehron, Ben Nye, Tinsley, Wolf, Skin Illustrator, and many more.

Any tips of the trade to level up one’s look in five minutes or less?

My personal go-to for leveling up my everyday look is mascara. I believe a beautiful pair of lashes can level up any face, no matter what’s on your skin. Finding the best kind of mascara for your lashes is key, or go for falsies if you’re feeling extra fancy!


Our favorite costume holiday, Halloween, is likely to look very different this year. Do you have any tips for people looking to have fun, celebrate Halloween -- and crush that costume contest -- while social distancing?

Halloween may look different this year, but there’s plenty of room to still have fun. When the quarantine hit, some NME Box subscribers started having monthly costume parties via Zoom where they’d each order a box, do the look, then join together to see what each of them did. The same can be done for Halloween where, if the party is cancelled, you can dress up and have your party online!

Masks are also a plus for Halloween, considering they do serve as some form of facial protection. If you are going out, maybe try to incorporate a mask into your costume.

What are you hoping to accomplish with your business? What does success look like to you?

I’m hoping to give creatives new ideas of what makeup can do beyond the basics of beauty. Success to me is giving more people a creative outlet using makeup as a medium and creating a community of people who are learning and growing their creative makeup skills together.

One day I’ll be able to step back and watch my fulfillment center pack the thousands of boxes going out to creatives all over the world so I can focus on bringing more creative ideas and tools to the NME Box tribe!


What are some things about you, as an individual, that you’d like readers to know?

When I started this business two years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. I was so afraid no one would understand. I sat on the idea for so long out of fear. Now that I’ve taken the leap, I’m so happy to be able to share this idea with others just like me.

I’m a solopreneur, working primarily alone in my basement (my children do help stuff boxes from time to time). The learning curve has been steep, and the trials thrown my way have been many. Still, I refuse to quit! Just hearing how my boxes, this little idea of mine, has brought so much joy to others is so very rewarding. I want readers to know that NME Box is my baby, and I plan to nurture it and help it grow so it helps creatives for many years to come!

Check out NME Box here , then get spooky at home with all our Halloween favorites here !